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Star Wars in Pokémon Vortex (The Discussion Thread)

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So far we have the following pokes from the universe of 'Star Wars':Pikachu (Jedi)Cubone (Vader)& (lately)Psyduck (Jar Jar).

If you have the option to elect/choose and even create a new poke for the next Star Wars event.... Which one will be??



I recently found this (image^^) on a website and I think that it'll cool for Vortex to consider to add a 'Wobbu-Fett' (fusion of Bobba-Fett andWobbuffet).

However, I personally prefer the most a Bidoof (Chewbacca) for the May 4th, 2019 Event!!!!

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On 6/5/2018 at 11:18 AM, Auke1993 said:

I like both ideas.

Thanks. You can also give your ideas...


On 6/5/2018 at 3:07 PM, Patrick said:

A plain but fitting and favourite of mine would be Chewbacca Ursaring. :^_^:

Hmm.. I prefer Bidoof (Chewbacca), BUT.... I just remember that Chewbacca is a biped creature and Ursaring is also biped...... whereas Bidoof is a quadruped poke :/. So.... Chewbacca Ursaring makes more sense8.

And what about Ewok TeddiursaTeddiursa?? ::3:

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