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Clan Daycare System

The clan daycare system allows you deposit your Pokemon into your clan, where other trainers in the clan can borrow it, helping them and earning you exp. When your clan levels up (it is mentioned that clan levels will come in a future update, as quoted below)*, at some levels, the clan will gained storage slots. For every storage slot, each trainer can store 1 Pokemon. Before every battle (except maybe wild Pokemon battles) you will be able to select one Pokemon from your clans daycare, a 7th Pokemon, to bring along with you. You can only use each Pokemon once every day, to avoid a single Pokemon being overused. Using this Pokemon to help you win will not affect your own exp earned, for example, if you defeated a team of 6 level 100s using one of your Pokemon and your clan mates Pokemon, your Pokemon would still gain the full 3000 exp, unlike how using 2 Pokemon would normally earn them 1500 exp each (this is assuming the Pokemon you used were already level 100 themselves). Whenever a Pokemon of yours gets used by a clan mate, your Pokemon gains 500 exp (one level) for itself, and you gain $100 Pokedollars. A Pokemon in the day care can only be taken out by whoever deposited it, and it is still technically their Pokemon, so they do not lose exp or a Pokemon by depositing it (however, it shouldn't be equipable in their party if it is currently in the day care).


* "in a future update to determine which perks your clan gets while leveling up."


This will hopefully encourage people to get stronger movesets for their Pokemon, so that people want to borrow it, and make side quests and clan battles a lot easier. It'll also give casual players, or all players for that matter, a way of farming small amounts of exp and cash even when unable to play. It would allow clan mates to help each other out, without giving away Pokemon in a trade, in good faith of it returning.



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