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I saw it was submitted. I would like to suggest a little bit different way of how it should work.

Cause its said there that all we need to do is walk. Sure thats the way it works almost everywhere but dont you think here its just too easy.

Like lets go on one map and keep the button clicked to move.

I would like to suggest this - to hatch the egg we need to for exemple kill 25x pidgey Pidgey on map. This way you couldnt just go on map and spam one button to hatch the egg what would probably take 1 minute even if you needed 10k steps.

This way you would have to go on map, walk but also look what you have found and fight if its good pokemon. Seems more interesting and more balanced for me.

What would be in egg? I will leave this one. Probably something that would be worth walking on map and fighting 25x pidgey (:D) with chance to get something really nice like exp boost for x minutes(?) :ExpBoost:

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