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Hi every one.. so I thought of training Pokemon for unique legendary Pokémon

i cant take big jobs for training..so it will be confined to training your Pokemon up to 300k experience   


p.s : rates are negotiable




  • 50k experience   :   TWO unique Pokemon ( or ONE shiny )
  • 100k experience  :  One non unique legendary
  • 200k experience  :  THREE non unique legendary  or ONE unique legendary
  • 300k experience  :  TWO unique legendary





  • just be reasonable
  • wait for your turn in case I am busy in other jobs
  • no cheating
  • well.. enjoy



         IGN:    sabariprabhuk




Shiny Togetic       to  3 MILLION   EXP      for    Fire Blaze

   Greninja   to  65 MILLION  EXP    for    ashgamechanger










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23 minutes ago, Sabari Prabhu said:

JOB completed bro..pokemon placed in trade..  offer lugia , suicune   and shiny staryu to train next in my ign trade


Done and make it till 500K I will add Metallic Landorus

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