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Who will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia? [Contest]

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Hi everyoneZ!... is meh me again and this it's not a Giveaway... this is a Contest!!!

Prize is 1 DP/ Premium poke of your choice!!!!!!! :o



  • All Global RuleZ apply.
  • There will be only 1 winner and only 1 prize, obviously.
  • Winner will be the FIRST contestant who correctly answered all the 4 questionZ.
  • Do NOT edit your post... you will be disqualified if you do.
  • Time Limit for posting is July 7th of this year..... that means all posts after this date will not count for this Contest!
  • Tell me your IGN.



  1. Who/ Which national team will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
  2. Who will be the best player?
  3. Do you like Football?
  4. Am I good?


The Prize will be given in the form of a Promo Code :PromoCode:!!

Contest ends on July 16th (1 day after the Final of the FIFA World Cup).


Gud looks!!! :;):

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Ign: Eadan


1, Winner: Portugal (I actually didn't expect them to win, but seeing as all the top teams are playing miserably bad, I'll just go with team Ronaldo xD), sadly my own country, the Netherlands, isn't good enough to compete anymore :(


2, Best Player: Harry Kane (you mean golden boot right? :p)


3, Do I like football?: YESSSSSS, I'm a Manchester United fan tho, so most other football fans will hate me simply because of this.... I don't really mind when other teams win tho as long as the match is fun to watch.... I dislike Mourinho at United :(


4, Are you good?: Well, you're combining football and pokemon, YOU HAVE TO BE GOOD!


Thanks for the awesome contest, I enjoyed it ;)

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