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How about an EXP-merging option?

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I was thinking about something recently: How about giving players the option to transfer the EXP from one Pokémon into another. This way, the Top Pokemon tables could become competitive again, and people would train/trade for EXP pokémon/buy EXP Pokémon more and more, which will generate several more ways to reward users in return!


How could my idea work and be balanced?

My idea might need some tweaking, but the basis is adding a new feature area (maybe a laboratory or so) where you can "combine the powers of a Pokémon".


What someone would need to do a basic combination:

- 1 lvl 100 base Pokémon (who will be the receiver)

- 1 lvl 100 giver Pokémon (who will lose EXP until they only have 50,000 EXP)

- Pokedollars or maybe a Donation item?


One Pokémon will receive the EXP in the combination.

The other Pokémon will give its EXP, and go all the way down to 50,000 EXP (lvl 100 minimum). For each EXP point transferred, the player will pay 10 pokedollars for. And you can even sell special discount vouchers in the shop, or give them as event rewards so that each EXP point costs less, or even make them free.




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