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[LONG] Clan Wars

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So I remember Pat saying that he had been playing around with a few clan war ideas in the past. Heres my take on it, and I think this could be a really good one. It's gonna be long, so bare with me.


The basic idea

A clan war is obviously a battle between clans for glory and rewards. Most games with clan wars feature a one on one, head to head system. However, some games have very successfully pulled off wars involving more than 2 clans, such as Clash Royale, and more in particular for my idea, Knights and Dragons. I have an idea that should be able to pit all the clans against each other, WHILE KEEPING IT FAIR EVEN AGAINST CLANS OF 400, to fight for glory in the current war, improving their overall clan score, and earning their members a new, sweet event Pokémon that I'll mention and explain my reasoning for below. Just keep in mind, all members will get rewards, and be able to participate in the battles, so no one is left out.


This will take 3 days, from Friday to Sunday. Every Friday, for the entire 24 hours, members of a clan that log into Vortex will receive a pop up box-y thing (I'm not good with explaining) asking them if they would like the chance to participate in the upcoming weekly war. Upon selecting yes, that player will be asked to select a team, out of 6 of their Pokémon, to "apply" for the war with. These 6 Pokemon will be untradeable, unautionable, and unreleaseable until the end of that week's war. All 400 of the members in the clan can apply for the war if they all choose to. The team that they selected WILL be the team that they will use in their war battles, and it must follow a ruleset mentioned below. On the second day, Saturday, the leader will be able to scroll through all the war applicants received from members of his clan, judging them off the team they selected, and their player stats, and select 10 of them to participate. If less than 10 members applied, the war will go on with that clan being at a disadvantage. If the leader does not log in on Saturday, or fails to select his members for war, that clan will be unable to participate in the war. Having an active leader is important. A leader can select himself for the war. Now into the actual war day, Sunday. The 10 members chosen by the leader will be alerted that they are in the war, and that it has begun. The 10 members all receive 3 battles that they can use at anytime during the 24 hour period. They must use the team that they applied with. Now, this will feature real time head to head matches. Live matches may be hard to implement but, the result will be worth it. Upon hitting the battle button, the player will be matched up with an opponent, as quickly as possible, who is also searching for a war battle. *I AM AWARE THAT IT COULD TAKE AGES TO SEARCH FOR ANOTHER CLAN WAR MEMBER, BUT THIS WILL BE COVERED IN THE MATCHMAKING SECTION*. They will play against each other as expected. We all know how a Pokemon battle works... The winner of the match receives 2 "clan war points" for their clan. The loser gets nothing. A tie (as there is no speed stat) results in both players receiving 1 war point. Since each player gets 3 attacks, and a possible 2 points per attack, this means that clans can get up to 60 points per war. As there is not a large number of active clans, and due to the games simplicity, we're not going to ever see multiple clans getting 60/60, so this point system will define the war leaderboard for that war. Now let's get on to the bits that the players want...



So that your clan war efforts are not for nothing, clans should receive a "top 10 finish" for every war that they finish in the top 10 clans. This number will go towards clan points, in the same way that exp and clan battles do. *In my opinion, clan wars should in no way replace regular clan battles*. The point calculation formula could possibly be changed so that the few top 10 finishes a clan receive, will have a relevant impact on the clans points.


Why top 10, and not first place?? There's a few reasons. Imagine that one clan, way more skilled than the others, getting first place. Every. Single. War. No other clans would ever be able to get those first place finishes, and would fall behind on the regular clan leaderboard... Making it top 10 is the only way of giving all decent, active clans a chance. And, think about it from the perspective of that extremely skilled clan. Imagine how annoying it would be, if even though you were CLEARLY the best clan, you had one really unlucky war (bad rng, maybe one member didn't use his battles), and this costs you your regular first place. That would be really frustrating, knowing that you should've gotten the point, but just couldn't. With it being top 10, the clan that deserves to be get first all the time, won't be missing out on points if they have an unlucky day, and all clans will have a chance to get some points too.


Now, the event Pokemon. Oh boy, this'll be fun. I'll have a concept picture down below, but here's the important stuff. What are they? Honedge forms679. Similar to the Porygon forms, there will be 3 of these. However, unlike the Porygon forms, they'll likely be just differences in colouration, not in shape. They will be made to replicate the 3 medals typically given to first, second, and third place. Gold, silver, and bronze. While keeping it's normal hilt and silk thingy (who knows), the blade itself will be coloured like the medal that it represents. Honedge (bronze) will be given to the 3rd place clan, silver to the 2nd, and gold to the first. Clan wars will be the only way of earning these forms. Every member in the clan, not just those that did the attacks, will receive a promo code for the Honedge. 1/10 of these (maybe less?) will be a unique varient. The promo codes last for 1 week before expiring. Every member in the clan gets the same chance of receiving the unique Honedge.

oH BuT viRuS, shouldn't those doing the attacks and actually earning the clan that place, have a higher chance of the uniques? Yes, but also no. Although I agree with that 100%, if that was the case, good members that weren't selected for wars, would leave frustratedly, to another clan where they will be selected, so that they will get unique Honedge forms in the case of a top 3 finish. This mentality where people desperately want to be an attacker in the war, because it's their only chance for a unique, will make skilled members leave their clan for smaller clans, literally tearing the top clans apart, and it'll be an endless cycle where any clan starting to rise, self implodes due to the player's greed. Just keep in mind that, although giving all members a chance of a unique could mean that a lot of them are available, it is unlikely that a clan will ever have 400 fully active members, so each form won't be claimed anymore than 400 times a war. Yes, this is still 1200 event honedge given a week but, regardless of how many are given, they'll always be a rarity received by the best clans, and it will be very hard (not impossible) to trade for, or buy, all 18 unique honedges without being in the top few clans.


https://imgur.com/a/NUMSq9D Concept of the Honedge (Gold). I'm not a great graphics artist, but you get the idea :P Whether it be shiny, dark, shadow, or regular, the blade must shine in the colour of the medal earned. 


Rules and Matchmaking

To keep things fair and stop a single Pokemon becoming meta, there will need to be some rules for selecting your party and playing the match.


A player cannot use multiple Pokemon of the same Pokedex ID. This means, a player cannot have 2 shiny mews. He can also not have a regular mew with a shiny mew. However, teams such as 6 vivillons are allowed, as each vivillon form has a different ID on the Pokedex. 


Players will only have 30 seconds to input a move. Failing to input in this time will result in a loss for you, and a win for your opponent. Trying to reload the page will not cost you the match, but it will not do anything to reset it, either. 


For the matchmaking, anyone can match anyone else from a different clan, with a different IP address, and they cannot match the same person twice or more each war. *You do not have to be selected for the war by your leader to be able to do these live attacks*. Anyone can join in the fun, however, wins and draws will not earn you any clan war points. A player selected for the war, can continue to battle after doing all 3 matches, however once again, these extra wins and draws do not earn clan war points. The main reasons why this is a required feature though, is to make sure that people don't go searching for 10+ minutes without finding a match. By allowing those not even in the actual war to still play, players will not have long match wait times, and the remaining members in the clan won't feel left out of the war. They'll still be able to have fun, practice, and deny wins for the other clans.



If you read down to here, you're a legend. Let's hope this gets implemented... I spent many weeks coming up with, and perfecting this idea, so any feedback on it will be much appreciated. Hope you enjoyed reading it.






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