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Hello,here is a few events i want (only few)  for experience

Just pick the events you have from my list..

these are the events:


Events (Shiny):

Shiny Rotom (Spin)    Shiny Rotom (Wash)  Shiny Rotom (Frost)  Shiny Rotom (Cut) (Especially This One)>>>Shiny Rotom (Halloween).

Just Got Over Event:

Shiny Arceus (Dark)  Shadow Arceus (Dark)  Dark Arceus (Dark) I Don't Want This One Cuz I Missed This  >>> Metallic Arceus (Dark)


That's The One's I Want For Now.


Ign: MetallicWolf. (While Copying Just Don't Copy The FullStop )


Just Pick the pokemons you got that is on the list and pm me here with your offer of exp i will look into it.


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18 hours ago, TheRisingStar said:

I want the Shadow Arceus (Dark)u only tell how much exp u want. My ign is - TheRisingStar


bro i think you did not understand my post it says i am the "trainer" and i want pokemons on that list and i will train them exp so if you have anything from the list pm me 

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