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Hello Everyone! I was going through the forums and saw that there were only 2-3 training shops....So i decided to open one of my own....My rates are minimum and i will take a very less amount of time to train your pokes.....

MY RATES - 250K exp- 1 normal legendary.

                     500K exp- 4 normal legendaries or 2 shiny/metallic unique legendary.

                      750K exp- 6 normal legendaries or 3 unique legendaries.

                      1M or more- Rates to be decided by PM in game or on the forums....

TIME- An approx. of 2 days for 250k exp...4 days for 500k exp and so on....

Feel free to ask me anytime about the exp and level of your pokemon...And i can assure you that i do not believe in bots ( bcoz i don't know how to use them ;)) and don't want to get banned from this amazing game.....


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Your rates seem pretty good.
I would need you to train me a few Million.
Say 3MIL.
Let's talk soon
The IGN is TheGamingWolf.

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