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Hello! I do not know if this is the right place, if not ask them to teach me where to post this.
I came to say about changes that could be good. I say this because I think the game is declining in quality and I do not want to speak badly of the game, but rather to make a constructive criticism.
What I think could be done is a better prize in the login of the day: the player would win the prize for each day and have bonuses if he did (2, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days) - is an example. Also the prizes are very repetitive, always giving the same avatars and pokemons. This could be changed.
I also want to comment on the fact that the Pokemon Hunt is quite boring. Sometimes I take so long to find a rare one, that it does not even want to hunt and play. I think the appearance of the rare should be made easier, honestly.
As far as I remember these are the topics I would like to talk about, I may remember it more. If someone also thinks it's a good idea to make an observation, you can do it at will. We need this to get to the administrators so that changes can begin.

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the prize for each day was just added for motivate noobies to be active, not for reward us for our loyalty :D and the pokemon hunt rates I think they are awesome excepting those newly added rares normal pokemons but those all are just opinions ^^ vortex has several ways to play in-game, sidequest, trainings, seasonal boards, pokemon huntings.. Whatever u like the most u play and whatever u don't like u don't play, for example i think the prizes of sidequest are ridiculously low, so i dont play sidequests im just leveling up ma pokes, hunting and cosmoging ^^

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