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OHKO and STAB Attack Guide

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Greetings fellas.

So here is something you will need during battles. You must be adept in knowing which attack will deal maximum damage to which type of pokemon. Here, I will tell you which attack for each type will deal maximum damage to which type of pokemon.

In any battle, it will be most beneficial to you if you have an attack which can wipe your opponent in one go, a.k.a. OHKO.

It is important to know that not all pokemon have attacks that can OHKO opponents, and you need to be extra careful while battling a Metallic pokemon.

Here are the base types and a list of attacks which deal OHKO (or near to OHKO) for their respective types:

1. Fire

Fire, as we all know, is an all time favorite, for reasons unknown. Here are the attacks which deal maximum damage:

  1. . Blue Flare: Undoubtedly the best fire attack. Accuracy is not 100%, but near about that. Deals OHKO to most of the pokemon type. Only drawback is that only Reshiram can use it, which means you need to have a Reshiram to use this attack. A special thing about this attack is, that even if it doesn't OHKO, it will STAB all pokemon. So if you have a "Dark" variant of this pokemon, it is almost as good as the ultimate attack beast for almost all types of pokemon.
  2. Fire Blast: Once again, this attack doesn't have that good an accuracy, so it will miss quite often.
  3. Flare Blitz: Nothing to add about this attack. You all know it, you all have used it.

The following types of pokemon are easily affected by fire type moves:

  • Spoiler
    1. Grass
    2. Flying
    3. Bug
    4. Steel
    5. Ice


2. Water

Water type is the biggest weakness of fire type and ground type pokemon.

  1. Hydro Canon: One of the best water type moves, accuracy is not 100%, will miss at times. But it will OHKO the opponent if it hits.
  2. Hydro Pump: A lower variant of Hydro Canon, with same attributes except power.
  3. Origin Pulse: An attack only known by Primal Kyogre in the game till now, it is an effective move.
  4. Surf: Deals considerable damage; however this attack never fails. Accuracy is 100%, use that to your advantage.

The following types are weak to Water based attacks:

  • Spoiler
    1. Fire
    2. Ground


3. Fairy

Undoubtedly THE MOST badass type ever. Attacks are so damn OP that you might not even need other type pokemon. Pair it with Mystic Variant pokemon and you have a pretty formidable team here in Vortex. What's more is this type is IMMUNE to dragon type attacks! Now isn't that a double bonus?

  1. Moonblast: You don't need any other attack. This attack is sure to kick ass of the other type. Will OHKO as well. Really you don't need to know any other fairy type attacks.

Fairy type attacks are effective against:

  • Spoiler
    1. Dark (This type is your worst enemy, especially if it has a pokemon who knows Punishment)
    2. Fighting
    3. Bug
    4. Dragon
    5. Psychic


4. Dark

Dark type pokemon are a must-have in your team, if you are looking to defeat the gyms, battle maisons and all.

  1. Punishment: This attack is the most dangerous ever. It will OHKO any pokemon EXCEPT fairy and fighting types. Safe to say, it's the best move out there, pair with with a Dark or Mystic variant, and you can achieve lots.

As explained, Punishement will OHKO almost everything. Here are the types:

  • Spoiler
    1. Ghost
    2. Fire
    3. Water
    4. Psychic
    5. Grass
    6. Ice
    7. All other types EXCEPT: Fairy, Fighting.


5. Grass

Grass type are the very effective against water types. Here are the attacks:

  1. Frenzy Plant
  2. Grass Knot
  3. Leaf Storm
  4. Seed Flare
  5. Wood Hammer

Here, all the attacks deal more or less same damage, and I do not myself know if any of the above except Frenzy Plant can OHKO, so if anyone has a knowledge in this, please feel free to message me.

Grass Types are effective against:

  • Spoiler
    1. Water
    2. Ground
    3. Rock


6. Ghost

Ghost types are certainly a weird one, because they are their own weakness!

  1. Night Shade: It's the only one I can think of with a good attack stat. Does not OHKO except ghost and psychic types, however.
  2. Shadow Ball

Ghost type attacks are good against:

  • Spoiler
    1. Ghost
    2. Psychic


7. Ground types

The following are the attacks which deal a considerable amount of damage:

  1. Earthquake: You all know about this one as well. A common attack which deals considerable amount of damage.
  2. Fissure: It's a pure OHKO move. However it has very low accuracy, hence not always suitable.
  3. Precipice Blades: It's the signature move of Primal Groudon, and it usually OHKO's the opponent which has a weakness to ground type moves.

Ground type attacks are effective against:

  • Spoiler
    1. Electric
    2. Fire
    3. Poison
    4. Rock
    5. Steel


8. Electric

Electric type pokemon are very effective against water types.

  1. Bolt Strike: This is Blue Flare's partner. With the same stats as Blue Flare, it is also the best electric type move out there. Only drawback is that only Zekrom can use it, so it is advisable to have a Zekrom in your team if you want to have an electric type in your team.
  2. Volt Tackle: It seconds Bolt Strike, however it is 100% accurate unlike Bolt Strike, which is like 85% accurate.
  3. Thunderbolt: Does not always OHKO, but deals considerable amount of damage to foes.
  4. Zap Canon: Will OHKO if lands a hit, however has a considerably low accuracy of about 50%.

Electric type is effective against:

  • Spoiler
    1. Water
    2. Flying


9. Fighting

Fighting type are one of the best type of pokemon, if not the best itself. Here are the attacks:

  1. Close Combat: Very effective against most types. Always lands a hit, meaning it is 100% accurate.
  2. Focus Blast: Has an overwhelming power, however, lacks in accuracy at only 70%.
  3. High Jump Kick: Excellent attack stat, good accuracy, hardly misses.
  4. Superpower: Similar to Close Combat, it has a good attack stat and is 100% accurate.

Fighting types are effective against:

  • Spoiler
    1. Normal
    2. Rock
    3. Ice
    4. Steel
    5. Dark


10. Ice

Ice types are the ones you need to combat Dragon types.

  1. Blizzard: Effective attack, lacks on accuracy.
  2. Ice Beam: The most common ice type attack, with a good accuracy and a good attack.
  3. Freeze Shock: Undoubtedly the best ice type attack, but only Kyurem (Black) can use it.
  4. Sheer Cold: It is an OHKO move, however lacks in accuracy.

Ice types are good against:

  • Spoiler
    1. Dragon
    2. Flying
    3. Grass
    4. Ground


11. Dragon

An all time favorite, and it has it's own reasons for being a favorite. Here are the attacks:

  1. Draco Meteor: The most commonly used Dragon type move, will hit enemies easily as it has 90% accuracy, and a good attack stat.
  2. Outrage: Better than Draco Meteor (strictly keeping it within the boundaries of Pokemon Vortex).
  3. Roar of Time: An attack which only Dialga can know, it has huge power packed into it with 90% accuracy.

Here are the types you can hope to take on with dragon type attacks:

  • Spoiler
    1. Dragon

Sadly, only Dragon types are the ones which Dragon type moves can easily OHKO.

(****) Special Attacks:

Here are some anomalies in the various types mentioned.


Some attacks, as we know, have a few different properties. One such attack is "Trump Card".

  1. Trump Card: It's Eevee's most powerful attack, and it OHKO's easily, especially if one is training (botting) it against Normal_Unit to get happiness or to reach personal achievements.
  2. Explosion: As we all know, this attack causes the user to faint. However, that is not how it happens here in Vortex. The user does not take any damage from Explosion itself.

If anyone feels there is something I might have missed or something is wrongly written here, please feel free to inbox me about it, I will try my best to rectify it as early as possible, after verifying the same.



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