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Yousy, Echo and Ozzy’s trade thread - Events, Donations and More!

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Hey all, here we’ve listed all our events, donations and things worth value which we’d like to trade. We are mostly looking for other events, but we are open to negotiations (except Legends, we don't need them)

Events -


Arceus (Dark)(x5) Cubone (Vader)Pikachu (Pop Star)Pikachu (Belle)Psyduck (Jar Jar)(x2)Rotom (Cut)Rotom (Heat)(x4)Rotom (Frost)(x4)Rotom (Spin)(x4)Rotom (Wash)(x2)Volcanion



Dark Arceus (Dark)Dark Deoxys (Defense)(with 8m exp)Dark Pikachu (Christmas)Dark Pikachu (Pop Star)Dark Rotom (Heat)Dark Zygarde (Partial)



Metallic Pikachu (Christmas)Metallic Pikachu (Pop Star)Metallic Pikachu (Rock Star)Metallic Rotom (Cut)Metallic Rotom (Heat)Metallic Zygarde (Cell)(x2)Metallic Zygarde (Core)(x2)Metallic Zygarde (Partial)



Mystic Pikachu (Ph. D.)Mystic Pikachu (Pop Star)Mystic Zygarde (Cell)Mystic Zygarde (Core)



Shadow Pikachu (Christmas)Shadow Rotom (Heat)Shadow Vivillon (Pokeball)Shadow Zygarde (Cell)Shadow Zygarde (Core)Shadow Zygarde (Partial)



Shiny Arceus (Dark)Shiny Arceus (Ice)(x2, one with 5m exp) Shiny Rotom (Frost)Shiny Rotom (Spin)Shiny VolcanionShiny Zygarde (Cell)



Arceus (Fairy)(x2)Dark Arceus (Fairy)Dark Giratina (Origin)Dark Hoopa (Unbound)Dark Meloetta (Aria)Meloetta (Aria)Metallic Arceus (Fairy)Metallic Hoopa (Unbound)Metallic Meloetta (Aria)Mystic Arceus (Fairy)Mystic Meloetta (Aria)Shadow Meloetta (Aria)Shadow Arceus (Fairy)Shiny Arceus (Fairy)Shiny Giratina (Origin)Shiny Hoopa (Unbound)Shiny Meloetta (Aria)(x2, one with 2m exp)



CelesteelaGuzzlordMetallic NecrozmaNecrozmaPheromosaShiny NecrozmaShiny PheromosaShadow AerodactylShiny Aerodactyl (Mega)Shiny OmanyteCosmoem(x7)LunalaMetallic Cosmoem(x3)Mystic CosmoemPorygon (Hammer)Porygon (Shield)Shadow Cosmoem

If you wish to trade and want a fast response please DM me or Echo on discord - @Yousy#0209 and @Echo#615. We will respond to all messages here and on discord.

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9 hours ago, soulweeper616 said:

Would you be interested in Rotom pokedexes

If they're unique, yes.


6 hours ago, bengeo2005 said:

For shiny volcanion i will increase upto 20 million and for normal volcanion upto 20 million. for deoxys defense i will increase upto 20 million. total 60 million for all the pokemon.


No thanks. I can get higher.

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2 hours ago, ashgamechanger123 said:

i only want deoxys form how much exp or dps for it

Offer me. It's the only one in the game.


5 hours ago, pokemonfansclub said:

Which rare event u can trade in 6mill pokedollar's

Meta Pikamas


On 23 July 2018 at 4:53 PM, bengeo2005 said:

so then how much should i increase for your volcanion and shiny volcanion and deoxys defense alltogether?

Not after exp.

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On 25 July 2018 at 10:35 AM, ashgamechanger123 said:

hey i can offer 10 dps and 10 million exp and 1 normal arceus dark and 10 rotom forms and 1 shadow cosmeom


For the Volcanion? No.


On 26 July 2018 at 1:58 AM, bengeo2005 said:

hi yousy-rt. For Volcanion alone i willincrease upto 60000000.

Let me think about that.


On 26 July 2018 at 2:51 AM, dishpart said:

are you interested in Solgaleo? If so, what would you trade it for?

Nah not really, it's norm so I'm not interested.

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15 hours ago, 1893 said:

lol i give u 250 pokemoney for your shiny volcanion - Satan ;)

sold your way


6 hours ago, KILLERTRAINZ said:

I'll give you a music Articuno(With 12.8 mil exp...........






And a Shiny_Caterpie_(Christmas).gif .......

What will you give me????lol?


Donation and 10m money, perhaps?

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On 31 July 2018 at 11:49 PM, 1893 said:

waiting on the shiny volcanion before i send the 250 pokemon

okay ;)


22 hours ago, KILLERTRAINZ said:

Nope thnx.:(





 Need Some more.....:=|:






How much would you be looking to get?

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