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legends/uniques for lvl 5

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Hi, am in need of level 5 Pokemon that are ground, dark, ghost, normal, and flying type.

These are some of the Pokemon I am willing to trade for them


Aegislash (Blade)AmpharosAraquanidArticunoAzelfAzurillBarbaracleDark ArcanineDark FeraligatrDark BronzongDark DarkraiDark MismagiusMetallic CelebiMetallic GiratinaMetallic WeavileMystic ExploudMystic GengarMystic RegirockMystic RotomShadow FlygonShadow Kangaskhan (Mega)Shadow KyuremShadow LiepardShadow MespritShadow PhioneShadow Suicune

You can find more Pokemon on my account, IGN is dishpart


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4 hours ago, misty_lax said:

Hello! I have a Level 5 Dark Pawniard. Willing to trade it for the Dark Feraligatr?

yes, i will offer on it

also, i see you have a Metallic Fletchlingand a Shadow Burmy (Steel) do i have anything that you want for those pokemon?


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1 hour ago, doctorclump said:

I have a Dark Numel and a regular numel, but the dark numel is level 6 and the regular numel is level 9. Is that ok to trade to you?

Dark Numelill take, pass on the normal one tho, what do you want for it?

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