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Happiness/Friendship is an important feature you must understand in order to be able to evolve certain Pokémon in Vortex v3. Not all Pokémon need it to evolve. It is a measurement of how much a Pokémon is attached to its trainer and enjoys being in their care.

Here is a detailed breakdown of how Happiness works:

Happiness on Vortex, unlike the real games is not based on walking/giving your Pokémon a soothe bell or certain vitamins/herbs
Your Pokémon's Friendship will depend on the number of battles you fight, in other words
your Pokémon's friendship goes up per battle, and more the friendship - The more happiness will raise.
For ease of access, happiness in vortex has been customized and is based on the number of hearts a Pokémon has, which shows how happy it is.
To know the number of hearts your Pokémon has, simply click on it.Stages of Happiness :










Q - How will I know how soon my Pokémon will get a heart/After How many battles will my Pokémon get a  heart?
A - After each battle, your Pokémon randomly gets 1 or 2 happiness points which you cannot check. A Pokémon's maximum happiness points is 255, when it has 4 hearts.
Each heart needs 73 points. In other words, 1st heart will need 73 points, second will need 146 points, 3rd heart will need 220 points and 4th will need 255 points (max).
All pokemon which evolve by friendship except Sylveon need 220 points (3 hearts) for evolution.
Eevee will need 255 Happiness points in order to evolve into Sylveon.
Maximum number of battles which could be needed for a heart=73/1=73 battles.
mimimum number of battles which could be needed for a heart=73/2=36 battles.
Since the happiness points per battle is randomized(1 or 2), you would need somewhere between 36 and 73 battles in order to gain 1 heart for your Pokémon.
Credits to u44151 who made this guide

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