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IGN: misty_lax


Please note I will not be accepting any Pokemon in Ultra Ball and Great Balls.


Starters and Rares:

Trading rare for rare (Shiny Starters for Shiny Starters only)



Dark FeraligatrShiny Blaziken (Mega)Mystic TorterraMetallic GreninjaMystic ChikoritaDark RowletMetallic Popplio

Shiny MimikyuMystic DragoniteMetallic Ditto

Dark EeveeShadow Eeveex6Shiny Eeveex2

Dark Munchlaxx4Metallic Munchlaxx5Shadow Munchlaxx5Shiny Munchlax

Dark Pichux3Metallic Pichux3Mystic Pichux3Shadow Pichux5

More unevolve form. PM me if you wanted a specific Pokemon


Special Pokemons:

Trading for female female unique Salandit/Salazzle

Metallic VespiquenMystic VespiquenShadow VespiquenShiny Vespiquen


Normal Legendaries in my Trade list (except Cosmog):

Trading them for 5 Level 6 Flying, Dark, Ground, or Fairy Type Pokemons 


Unique Legendaries:

Trading them for other unique Legendaries.



Dark GenesectDark LatiosDark Lugia x2Dark Mespritx2Dark MewDark Phionex2Dark ShayminDark Shaymin (Sky)x2Dark Xerneas (Active)Dark Yveltalx2Dark Zekrom


Metallic DarkraiMetallic GenesectMetallic GiratinaMetallic Jirachix2 Metallic LugiaMetallic Mespritx2Metallic RegiceMetallic ShayminMetallic SuicuneMetallic Tornadusx2Metallic Virizionx2Metallic Xerneas (Active)Metallic Yveltal x2


Mystic AzelfMystic Celebix3Mystic CresseliaMystic LatiosMystic ManaphyMystic MewMystic PhioneMystic RegirockMystic Suicunex5Mystic Tapu BuluMystic Uxiex2Mystic Virizionx4Mystic Yveltal x4Mystic Zapdos


Shadow ArticunoShadow CelebiShadow DialgaShadow GenesectShadow GroudonShadow HeatranShadow Manaphyx2Shadow Mespritx2Shadow PhioneShadow RegirockShadow Virizionx2Shadow Yveltalx2


Shiny ArticunoShiny AzelfShiny CelebiShiny LatiasShiny Mewx2Shiny SuicuneShiny Yveltal



Trading them for other UBs


None as of now...



PM me

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On 8/20/2018 at 10:59 PM, bartjoore said:

ik heb nog wat starters en munchlax mistic en ik wil graag shiny


Hello! Sorry I cant understand..


Base on google translate, you have Mystic Munchlax and wants Shiny Starters for it? If so, I'll pass. I already have a Mystic Snorlax.

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8 hours ago, Sweetbanana said:

Can you check my tradelist for Metallic Regice, Shadow Latios, Metallic Zygarde, Mystic Dialga and Shadow Groudon

Dark Entei, Dark Reshiram, Metallic Articuno and Shadow Regigigas for Metallic Regice, Shadow Latios, Metallic Zygarde and Mystic Dialga?

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1 hour ago, misty_lax said:

Dark Entei, Dark Reshiram, Metallic Articuno and Shadow Regigigas for Metallic Regice, Shadow Latios, Metallic Zygarde and Mystic Dialga?

Deal I will offer soon :) Can you choose one more for shadow groudon? :)

Edited by Sweetbanana
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30 minutes ago, tamago2744 said:

Hello, I don't expect much but would you trade for a Shiny Elgyem Lv18Shiny ElgyemShadow Turtonator Lv15 Shadow TurtonatorDark Phanpy Lv8 Dark Phanpyor Metallic Mawile Lv6 Metallic Mawile   Levels may be updated by time you post, so 'll let you know if you want one.


Hello! Sorry but Im not interested in those.

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