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Best way to make money?

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i recently joined pokemon vortex and ive been wondering whats the best way to make money. I've heard that the best way is to battle the training accounts, but I've also heard that u can use pokebay to make alot of money so whats the best way. If it is the training accounts is there a way to maximise the amount of money you get from it, because ive done it where sometimes i'll get 30,000 but other times i got 75,000

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The amount of money you get varies from the level of the pokemon you use. The lower the level of pokemon you will use, the more money and experience u will get. And yes, pokebay is also an ultimate source of getting money. If you sell pokemons and if it is purchased by someone, you will get equal to or more than 25,000 pokedollars.

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