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i got banned a few hours ago for my friend used a catch bot on my and his accounts . im rrly sorry for this. i wanna get unbanned my account because i did not do it
and also im not needed any seizable pokes. i got money, dps, exps and everything. I've played this game since 2014 and i did not wrong things until this time, you can check it . i know it doesnt matter who use bot or cheats but believe me im not guilty in this topic. Although it is not my fault, i want a second chance, i got lesson for this. please do not ask me to start over because my account one of the oldest account in this game and I do not have another 4 years... :/ As a result, i want a second chance, if i make mistake after that, you can banned me permanently but this time it sounds absurd for me because im really innocent on this :|                                                   


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You do realize, if you got unbanned, those who have also been banned and claim they're "not guilty" will have to be unbanned too. 


7 hours ago, serkan9691 said:

 believe me im not guilty in this topic


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