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Idea Here's a weird one...ability or incense?

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I don't know if this'd break the game or not, but I had a thought; remember how there are those abilities Static or Magnet that draw in Pokemon of a certain type? What if there was an incense that did the same thing for certain Pokemon types?


It wouldn't be a 100% so it doesn't break the game, but it might help on certain maps to be able to encounter Fletchling just SLIGHTLY more often because you're burning a Fire-type incense. Or a Dhelmise or Honedge if you've got a Steel-type incense. It may slightly improve the economy here...



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Hmm bro it would get too complicated and it would cause more troubles and bugs while upgrading with the 'incense' feature...Although yeah all normal pokemons have the same rare of appearance but unique have a bit more rarity than normal appearance

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