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Unfortunate Ban Hammer.


My account --> OfficialDarku (Is old and Legit)

Up until about 30 minutes ago i found you could stop yourself walking past good Pokemon!

But... With that idea comes the hammer.

Just thought I'd point out I was using a 3rd party to stop me walking past Pokemon BUT,

I did NOT use it to catch things for me, battle for me, find legendary or specific Pokemon by name.

I DID use it to stop myself walking past Variant Pokemon which I didn't know was bannable :/

Honestly tried my best not to step on the guidelines of cheating,
I just didn't want to keep walking past the damn things :L

Guessing there is no way to be unbanned? I imagine you have footage of my last ten minutes? You can clearly see I'm doing everything myself, catching and fighting etc (bar walking past good pokemon, it was like a stopper.)
If not, that is unfortunate, I've spent alot of hours and well... years on this account.

I literally play/played it between Queue times when I stream!

VOD (if interested) -> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/306940197
Was doing a 24/hr stream for Charity on Paladins and played Vortex between Q's
(Completely legit btw in between Q's, you can tell i really care for the game)

I don't fancy restarting everything, I've spent years on that account and accumulated loads of Poke's.
If you'd let me have it back with the acception of never using a stopper again, Thank you!

Honestly wanted to make some video's on Vortex, get it more known etc.
If not... I honestly don't have time to re-do everything so that would be me done :L

Apologies for using a stopper, have a nice Day/Night, Hope to hear back from you either way! :)

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