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Amank's Giveaway

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SO Here's My Third Giveaway --

Prizes --

1st Prize -- Shadow Groudon (Primal)

2nd Prize -- Deoxys

3rd Prize -- Diancie

4th Prize -- Shaymin (Sky)

I know that they aren't good enough but I have Multiples of em'

To enter the Giveaway all you have to do is to type in your in-game username (IGN).

I will randomly select the winners soon within 3-4 days.





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IGN --> TheGamingWolf

TheGamingWolf is a rather fiercely taken name. Brings shivers to those who know. But if they have seen TheGamingWolf, they know that this gamer is the best. It took TheGamingWolf a lot of time and patience to reach the current heights. But he aims higher. How can he reach these new heights? Only if he wins giveaways. Can he? Let's thank @amank for this giveaway and ask if TheGamingWolf can win this giveaway.

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