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Hey Zagzig0!

The thing with Vortex is the economy is always changing. This means that for one person one event might not be as valuable as another. For example, that Mewtwo (Armor)might be worth 60m to me, but for another person it might be 80m. This jsut depends on the pokemon, and the person trading it. I would never ever ever ever sell a giratina origin for anything, but someone else might be willing to negotiate a deal. All you have to do is be willing to offer a decent price, and have a bit of patience. Also, Zygarde (Cell)never really aren't that expensive, and there's no way I would ever consider paying 5.7m, but try your luck! Hope this helps.



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11 hours ago, The Only Human said:

Zygarde (Cell) is worth a unique legendary or 5 lakh exp or more. (You cant catch it now as the event's over)

Actually it's completely worthless, not worth even a single unique pokemon. Comeon there's over 70,000 of them! After the event I had like 15 normal cells and i released them all.

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