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  1. This might be (or is) one of the first transitions to gen VIII. Patrick surely knows this. We should have more patience and wait until announcements about the future updates are made. Till then, you might have to just follow what Pathfinder02 suggested.
  2. Only male ralts/kirlia can evolve into gallade using a dawn stone. Female kirlia can evolve into gardevoir, not gallade.
  3. Oh, really? I didn't know that... I always thought that a xerneas (neutral) is around 800k - 1.5 mil, any unique gourgeist (super) is around 25k-50k, and a mystic xerneas (active) is 500k max. And I confirmed it through vortexbot. Why do you ask for a sidequest Pokemon then? And that's just my opinion. I can't help it. Bitter truth, I know.
  4. Oh, okay I'll come back with some other offer another day then. See ya later.
  5. He even ended up asking a normal xerneas (neutral) for a mystic gourgeist (super) and mystic xerneas (active). And I don't think anyone has a pink rhyhorn, it's limited to sidequests. flamescape has a pink rhyhorn (hornless), which I don't think he'd part with. Imo, shiny groudon (primal) or any of the store Pokemon isn't tallying with all of his Pokemon in this shop. Well, I don't have any idea about Mewtwo (evolution), but I know it's super rare too.
  6. Poipole is an ultra beast. So master balls won't work, and beast balls or vortex balls can only catch it. Beast balls are used to catch ultra beasts and Vortex balls can be used to catch any Pokemon. You can get beast balls via sidequests or pokebay auctions and vortex balls via auctions. You can get more information on ultra beasts from this https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Ultra_Beast
  7. Thanks for your opinion. I hope the Dev's think about it and bring it into effect someday.
  8. That's a nice idea. Also, there could be a filter for offensive words for in-game chat or messages. That would make the game completely child-friendly.
  9. I noticed that heatran is in the hoenn sidequests. Shouldn't it be in the sinnoh sidequests?
  10. What? When I asked you, it was 2 mil, now it's 999k. If that's the case then I'll have to cancel the deal.
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