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  1. cuteweasel2617

    The Fighting God


    Details TBA still. I just can't wait for it. Please reveal it a bit earlier.
  2. ign : cuteweasel2617 I've got 3 cosmogs (+2 evolutions). I love cosmogs btw. Thanks for the giveaway.
  3. This problem occurs in Microsft Edge and Internet Explorer also.
  4. You can always hold another gadget that shows you the time in seconds. If you play using a windows laptop, you can change the way the time is displayed in the taskbar. Surf the internet for more options. The clock never disappears from your gadget, so you can check it out to know when seasonals exactly end. By the way, there isn't any issue with Daily Login Calendar, you logout at 23:59 and login after a minute. It is very difficult for the developers of the game to maintain timer for each time zone. So please stop complaining about the removal of the timer.
  5. ign:cuteweasel2617 I need $1 million to bid on auctions. I don't have real money, so I have to buy mystery boxes from auctions............................... And I can't even grind $2 million.
  6. The game has been updated to v4.2.9 . Now you can select your timezone in the options. But the clock has disappeared. You can see the changes made to the game in the given link : https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/16345-pok%C3%A9mon-vortex-v42x-changelog/
  7. hi could i trade with 1 common legendary?
  8. I guess it would be a difficult task. Best of luck for all the new additions!
  9. Are there Z-moves in this game? They have to be introduced, isn't it?
  10. I've heard that mega stones can be won in sidequests. If true, what is the probability that I can get them?
  11. Zeraora and Melmetal are not there in the game. These have to be added in the near future.
  12. I had some doubts, I would be happy if they were clarified. 1) Why don't the Pokemon vortex admins start a method of soft ban and permanent ban as in Pokemon Go? 2) After an account has permanently banned, will the Pokemon be deleted from the account? 3) Should I avoid a WiFi connection or shared networks, which have been used for logging in another account?
  13. I was scrolling through the other questions. It seems that many have done what you say. I am not letting my brother to play again. I hope the admins don't ban my new account.
  14. My brother's account thejas-289 has also been banned. He has told me that he has used some software. I am sorry to hear that. But now i find out that my account cuteweasel123 has also been banned. We use the same WiFi connection. Please help me. I don't want to start all over again. If possible, please remove the ban from my account. Otherwise please let me know how i should start a new account.
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