1. Pokémon Vortex Battle Arena

    1. What is Pokémon Vortex Battle Arena?

      Discover the origins of Pokémon Vortex Battle Arena, a re-make of the original Pokémon Crater Battle Arena which shut down back in 2007.

    2. Pokémon Vortex Central

      All updates, big or small, will be available ASAP in this forum. Visit the sub-forums if you wish to contribute to Pokémon Vortex. Whether you give us ideas, feedback, or are reporting bugs, everything is very appreciated!

    3. Pokémon Vortex Hub

      All discussion about Pokémon Vortex Battle Arena takes place in this forum. There are plenty of sub-forums to feed your social desires. Partake in countless communities called clans, strike a deal to trade for your favorite Pokémon, and participate in contests to win free Pokémon!

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