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  1. Snorlax avatar by encountering and defeating patrick in clan battle*.

    Is this true? 

    A). Its true 

    1. Babby246


      Ohh I did not know it thanks what r the rare of encountering him

    2. Chamancharizad123


      Extremely rare ......

      There are only 15 avatars in game

  2. I think you are using your another account of making forum reputation I think it's illegal

    1. Babby246


      Nope I gave that acc to my other friend it’s not mine any more

    2. Babby246


      As he was not able to create an acc I gave him that acc

      and he is liking them I did not do it bro

      i don’t like to do illegal thing bro 

      real I am tilling the truth 

    3. Babby246


      And bro thanks .i will not let him to like even one of my post

  3. They are much rare no one listed in auction You can wait anyone list unown avatar And sorry about Meltan avatar may be released when I don't knews there are only 3 Meltan avatars in game. And zygarde avatar drop rate is not 100 % it may be unknown for me.
  4. -> Unown avatars are exclusive Daily login reward for Halloween 2018 and Daily login reward for April 19th 2019..... -> Meltan , kyogre , groudon avatars are not released yet.... -> Mewtwo avatar is drop when you claim any varient of Mewtwo (Armor) promo code [10 in 1 is drop rate] [Mewtwo Armor avatar drop rate 6 in 1] ->And thundurus , Tornadus , Landorus avatar are also drop when you claim any varient of their therain forms promo code [drop rate unknown for me :( ] ->If you have any questions regarding above avatars or any other avatars you can
  5. Who's That Pokémon is a kind minigame found on the Pokémon Vortex Discord server. The #quiz channel is where the Who's That Pokémon game takes place... if you want to know more you can read this wiki article (link given below) https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Who's_That_Pokémon

    "Happy Birthday to You :)"
    Birthday candles.jpg


    1. Pokemast-2704


      Once again , happy birthday 🎉🎉 Babby

    2. TuneFist


      Happy Birthday Dude!!!

      Happy Birthday GIF by swerk

    3. Babby246


      Thankssssssss bro

      i am so glad that I have friends like u thanks so much 

      @Chamancharizad123 and @TuneFist and @Pokemast-2704

      thanks buddys

  7. I think prizes for sidequests are perfectly fine as fossils for their respective region and few Other rewards include some Mega Stoneswhich cannot be bought in the Pokémart, and the Orbsneeded for Primal Reversion of Groudon and Kyogre.+ Dropping an avatar for particular region + 1.2 to 1.5 m pds that's perfectly fine.
  8. Hello, everyone From few weeks @Patrick , @flamescape and whole team works on V5 maps , wiki , sidequests and many more first of all thanks to vortex team. Here are some ideas in short and simply. • Vortex bank : I think pv have a bank called i.e. vortex bank in which we can transfer pds from I person to other. With some % of tax i.e. 10-15%. (It may helps to those people who drop pokeball in auction for personal / private selling)or giving pds loan with interest with terms and conditions. •Email address change : I suggest to add an option to change e
  9. Pokémon Class Encounter Rates Pokémon Class Every Step Encountered Step Basic Pokémon 33.30% 99.40% Rare Pokémon 0.1% 0.287% Legendary Pokémon 0.064%* 0.191%* Ultra Beast 0.00467% 0.0139% For more info. Read faq..... https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Map_Encounter_Rates
  10. Thanks for give away @bale2001 Ign: Chamancharizad123 Also big thanks for making trust me and making leader of our clan . I always try to rank up our clan ..... Have a nice day
  11. There is no meaning to set limit on buying lottery tickets. As straya said there should be a downside. Who stop to creating multiple accounts to buy lottery tickets....
  12. If you don't want to do twice galar sidequest. There are various ways to get dracozolt / fossil. You can buy Fossilized Bird & Fossilized Drake from auction or dracozolt Pokemon / you also get via trade. =》( In further Fossilized Bird , Fossilized Drake , Fossilized Dino and Fossilized Fish are maybe available in Mystery boxes......) (Note: fossil are rare so it's drop rate is nearly 1-3 or 6 % , And it is not sure that you got both fossils in only completion of 2 times)
  13. Go to your friends list and you see names at last you see options at corner just click on red colored cross to unfriend any one
  14. • Reshiram, Zekrom, and alter Kyurem forms Reshiram , Zekrom , Kyurem (Black) and Kyurem (White) enter Overdrive mode when their emotions surge, lighting parts of their bodies in flames or electricity in the process. Reshiram and Zekrom enter Overdrive mode when using their Signature moves (Fusion Flare and Blue Flare) for Reshiram, Fusion Bolt and Bolt Strike for Zekrom) and are usually not in Overdrive mode otherwise. Kyurem(Black) / Kyurem (White), however, are always in Overdrive mode in battle. Reshiram ⇩ Zekrom ⇩ White Kyurem ⇩ Black Ky
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