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  1. It smells so scammy around here.......... 5-10m exp per day it's easy task.8-11 days too high.
  2. Heya everyone, My suggestion is that to add some thing in premium membership (with increasing price) : (β features) -exp boost (i.e. - 6-8 hrs after activation) -Custom avatar (optional) -Ability to change username (one time only) Thank you!!
  3. Sorry but Forum clan / club is removed completely in recent updates... So you are no longer to access clan in forums. -As we know Pat said earlier that clans in forums only use to paste / show clan icon in game. -we have other better alternative to paste clan icon in game & which are introduced in further updates....
  4. Average Experience = Total Experience/Total Uniques (including dupes ) -> so try to get your all pokes are at 100 lvl / higher exp :>
  5. Placing in seasonal leaderboard in #100 shows you placed In your profile. Like this one Once you placed in season until it overs it simply shows in your profile... Before placed in season After placed in season As per new update Once you placed in season until it ends you get exclusive prizes #1-5 unique varient of galarian birds & #6-100 normal varient I guess... It works 1st-1st of following months......
  6. Click on lock button then you it simply unlock & Leave (Extra info: If you are leader of clan you have to change your owner ship to leave or if you want to delete whole clan simply kick all member then left....)
  7. Event tickets :- A ticket required for entering special events. Not much is known about it's origin. & Required to unlock event centre Location is unknown some times got from daily login 100% during event I guess.... & If you want to save your tickets you can reserve for next event ... Nowadays mostly all event pokes are available in map instead of event center in that case you don't need any event tickets....
  8. Only 1 DNA Splicer required & it is 1 time purchasable item firstly introduced for 1st time in kyurem event (2015) Used to fuse certain pokes during events... -DNA Splicer available in certain event(s) in pokemart for $500,000 pds. With the help of DNA Splicer you can continue to fuse no. of pokes when it starts.... => If DNA splicer required for upcoming / next event again introduce in pokemart & announced in your dashboard & discord / forums
  9. Heyo friends, So I'm here to suggest something related to achievements... To relist achievements with some exclusive prizes may include pds / or items / pokemon(s) or avatar (s).... Achievements: (sample) -A Millionaire -A Billionaire -placed #100 in season #75 , #50 , #10 , #5 or #1 Or top in local / global leaderboard - completed 1,000 battles - 10,000 battles -50,000 battles -1,00,000 battles -complete 1,000 points -10,000 points -1,00,000 points -completed 10% Dex 25% , 50% , 90% ,
  10. Thanks for inspiring me to the game you can get a free shiny regice from me I bought it just for u

    1. Chamancharizad123



      You deserve shiny Regice so keep it :^_^:


    2. Regitwo


      No I caught two


    3. Chamancharizad123


      Ty friend!

      But instead of me pass to any new player :^_^:......

  11. Ur dp called me so I came to say hi Te Amo Hello GIF by Rodrigo Tello

    and advance  New Year Celebration GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

    1. Chamancharizad123


      Hello :^_^:


      &  Happy New Year you too!

  12. Seasonal leaderboard: -Placing top 100 in the seasonal leaderboard will get normal varient of galarian bird(s) & In top 5 (unique varient) (as per new update) - starts from 1st to 1st date of following months .... As per new update To enter seasonal trainer board #100 Catch 6-7 lvl immunes & train ... + More n more no. of battles + More n more no. of Uniques More info. Pat said earlier... 1) Catch, battle, evolve and catch again. It works the same way the regular global leaderboard does except that only
  13. Happy Birthday & many many happy returns of the day... Auke 1993




  14. Sup guys, Recently my (our) friend @RawXthunder showed you his best artworks of shiny avatars.... & Today I'm showing my some shiny form of avatars Shiny Meloetta (Aria) Shiny Keldeo Shiny Phione Shiny Manaphy Shiny Ho-oh Shiny Giratina Shiny Giratina (Origin) Shiny Regigigas Shiny Regice Shiny Regirock Shiny Heatran Shiny Munchlax Shiny Snorlax Hope any of above you like it. Thank you!!
  15. Training accounts are already existed in game. So I think there is no need to made another ones...
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