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  1. Partially yes but you may not allow to ask to pay fees i.e. pds or any poke or any stuff etc... to get lottery ticket.
  2. There are 3 ways to get flygon avatar 1) Mystery Boxes (have chance to get 1) 2) Sidequest regions: Hoenn, Almia, Orre (Have chance to drop) 3) pokebay (have to wait until some one list)
  3. Hey there If you forgot your password then click on forgot password option and enter user name you can get a email on registered email address where you get link to forget password. Also if you have entered wrong or invalid email address or if you don't remember then team may not help because you need appropriate proofs that indicates that account is yours...
  4. Pink rhyhorn avatar done by me 

    Happy Birthday Flamescape^_^


    1. silverstar2202


      I wonder what normal rhyhorn would say about that ?? :)

    2. Chamancharizad123


      Normals are common and not worthy

    3. silverstar2202


      They would have something to say if they seen a pink rhyhorn

  5. What's the difference between Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic and Shadow Variants? Shiny Pokémon has 25% more HP than Normal Pokémon and Dark Pokémon does 25% more damage than Normal Pokémon. Mystic Pokémon has a chance to scare the defending Pokémon whenever they attack (scaring is another status effect). Metallic Pokémon have 25% more defense than Normal Pokemon and Shadow Pokémon have immunity to status effects such as Sleep. More info.
  6. You have to encounter galar gym in map and battle Click here
  7. some of the event pokemon you can't get from mystery boxes and are impossible to obtain.I think Pokemon that are no longer available (other than through Pokebay/trade) such as Star Wars/Xmas/Halloween Pokemon. At the moment, many of these Pokemon either belong to users who don't intend to sell/trade them, or inactive users who have not played in several years... So my suggestion is that can we make them available again... & allowing to find past Pokemon around their respective time & place. - with extreme rarest encounter rate for limited time interval i.e. normal varient -1 in 1,000,000 Dark, metallic & mystic -1 in 5,000,000 Shadow & shiny -1 in 7,500,000 I feel this idea to making these Pokemon accessible to newer players and others who are after them.
  8. After a update megastones are no longer available in pokemart. still you get from sidequest (as exclusive rewards) or from premium items (MBS) or from pokebay as promo or claimed. It seem like you are looking for easy way to get megastone (s). And if you're suggesting / feeding use provide and feedback section...
  9. Please do not create forum (Ask question) thread to advertise your auction instead post in your profile or (in trading section)...
  10. You may not allowed to advertise your web / channels in pv forums........
  11. First of all its not an bug.... Alola and galar avatars are available soon and not release yet in sidequest
  12. ->Donations only existed in V3 and those who donated got a donor account. ->In V4 and V5 all the donation have become premium (pokemons / membership). So it's not possible to get a donor account anymore. [In advance if you want to know more about premium membership. Click here ]
  13. It smells so scammy around here.......... 5-10m exp per day it's easy task.8-11 days too high.
  14. Heya everyone, My suggestion is that to add some thing in premium membership (with increasing price) : (β features) -exp boost (i.e. - 6-8 hrs after activation) -Custom avatar (optional) -Ability to change username (one time only) Thank you!!
  15. Sorry but Forum clan / club is removed completely in recent updates... So you are no longer to access clan in forums. -As we know Pat said earlier that clans in forums only use to paste / show clan icon in game. -we have other better alternative to paste clan icon in game & which are introduced in further updates....
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