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  1. Galar region is not released yet. Q) When galar gym / region releases? =>Not fix may be in next update -Wait for next update(s)
  2. You can forget your password if you don't have But you need same email addresses which is registered while making your account.
  3. This are galar legendaries zacien (hero) zacien (crown sword) zamazenta (hero) zamazenta (crown sheild) eternatus =》shiny forms
  4. Respected sir, I have a idea on crystal lugia for sidequest. Thanks
  5. =》You can't appeal to ban any user. If he found using such kind of scripts then it may got banned.
  6. If you are coming for ranking in forum then you are just wasting your own time. If you are coming for helping to any other then most welcome.
  7. If you are not creating for daily prices. Then why you are asking how to obtain price in both accounts?? =》Creating multiple accounts for getting prices is illegal. And the team will take action.
  8. Don't make multiple accounts for prizes. It is also against rule.
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