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  1. Food I know ur here stop hiding pls

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    2. HyperPanther
    3. SofiX


      Foodviro is banned.

    4. HyperPanther


      It sometimes say he’s online

  2. I might stop using the forums because of the toxic mods -_-

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    2. HyperPanther


      So my question is why r u getting involved in this

    3. Rustyison



    4. Rustyison


      Last 6 in the morning replie lol

  3. But maybe a 1 day event or something would be cool
  4. I think this would break the game because someone could have a with focus punch fling prismatic laser and precipice blades and be able to 1 shot anything
  5. hi. I cant use discord can you pls announce the winners here
  6. hi ign ghost_flare I hope to win
  7. what simpson character should I have as my profile pic tomorrow? 

  8. Im confused, wdym I mean like the view all your pokemon section that has all of the pokes in there its called a box Wow now I know everyone hates my idea I think im gonna quit this game
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