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Glitched Pokemon (Wonder Trading)

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I came across a glitched pokemon being wonder traded today, and I was wondering if that in any way affected the trading process? Should glitched pokemon even be allowed to be wonder traded in the first place?

In the place of the pokemon which was being wonder traded, there was this phrase "THIS POKEMON IS A GLITCH AND WILL BE DELETED". I was just wondering if we should do anything when we receive such a pokemon. Here are the specifics of the glitched pokemon, I did not wonder trade it any further.

Level: 45
Exp: 22,883
Original Trainer: hari1807

Anyway, I just wanted to know if there are any rules in place when we receive such glitched pokemon via wonder trade. Should we report it? Ignore it? Will we get into trouble if we are found with such glitched pokemon in our account?

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