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Im trading these pokemons for any other legendaries that i dont have,


Here is list of pokemons im selling ::

Dark Genesect  Dark GenesectX2

Kyurem  KyuremX2

Landorus LandorusX1

Mystic VirizionMystic VirizionX1

Palkia PalkiaX1

Raikou RaikouX4

Regigigas  SoldRegigigasX1

Regirock RegirockX1

Registeel RegisteelX1

Reshiram ReshiramX1

Shaymin (Sky) Shaymin (Sky)X1

Shiny Genesect Shiny GenesectX1

Terrakion TerrakionX1

Thundurus ThundurusX1

Virizion VirizionX2

Zekrom ZekromX4

Zygarde ZygardeX2




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