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Exp shop or completing sidequest and Badges

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I am starting exp training shop and completing sidequest and all badges


For completing all sidequest: 1  unique dp  or 21mill poke dollar's


For completing badges: 1 unique events (no xmas)

Mystic%20Emboar.gif Exp :588,123    Shiny%20Gallade.gif Exp:425,048

Greninja.gif Exp:159,850  Charizard%20(Mega%20Y).gif Exp:164,315

Sold out New coming soon 
Order us to make for you exp quick. The rates are Perfect so be quick. 


100k = 150k pokedollar's

200k=  300k pokedollar's

500k = 750k pokedollar's

1M = 1.5M pokedollar's


My ign's: sfdf , cat159753 , agha23 and kadi9211
Discord id's: !!!!!!Ghost Rider!!!!!!!!!#2059  and Nightwolf#4287
Pls mention your ign and discord id and we will train exp on our pokes if you want to train exp on your pokes then tell me.




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