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  1. hi patrick a copule years passed please give me my old account devxo back please

    1. Elsonex


      Hi Patrick,


      I had lost 3 pokemons in my account (ID: elsonex), Im not sure how this had happened. I'm sure that I haven't trade with any one nor I had released them because I just caught and kept them as it is but when I checked my pokemon list in the pokedex I found 3 Pokemons are missing.


      I'm just worried, will this happens to my other Pokemons too, could you please look in to this issue, please let me know what as happened that's more than sufficient. 


      I'm sorry I tried to text you same in your game account since I rarely use this Forums account therefore kindly do not delete my account in the game if it is any mistake to text you in the game.  


      Have a nice day