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  1. My birthday is next to your birthday (5 September )006

    1. adrsh2146


      WOW! bro I don't want to break your heart but you know you are said this very late and his birthday as well as your b'day has gone (a long time ago) :D

    2. v3567



      What a coincidence! My left nut is next to my right nut.

  2. Please make the halloween event easy and interesting please.

    Is this time any re-rum of old halloween pokemons?Togepi Halloween

    1. eurstin


      It won't be interesting if it's easy.

    2. 990295233HEREWATSUP
    3. v3567


      I like not-easy events because it gives a LOT of opportunities to throw some "TWSS"s around.

  3. will a legendary or event pokemons rate become less if the original trainer is banned??

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. v3567


      I'd say they're somewhere between worth less and worthless.

    3. 990295233HEREWATSUP


      so what is it exactly now?

    4. v3567


      Here's my advice: If you want to be a 100% safe, don't trade for ANYTHING that has a banned OT.

  4. Game Keep One, Change One

    Smelly Cat
  5. Answered Some Help

    @xKogu I can see someone (I'm not sure if it's you) Is currently using the account so if you managed to get back on it then that's good. If you're still having an issue then come and speak to me about it on Discord and I'll see what we can sort out.
  6. Answered HOOPA (2)

    All Pokemon that are not yet released are not known how or when they will be released. They may be events, claims, giveaways or purchasable. Until then, there is no answer.
  7. Halloween 2017

    Details TBA.
  8. Answered Top Pokemon List

    When a user is banned, all of their Pokemon are automatically made to have 0 exp so their Pokemon will not appear on leaderboards. However, the ones you're referring to were not treated in the same way by an oversight in the ban system that did not take trade offers into account. For example, if a user is banned and they have a 'top pokemon' in the trade system offered on something then the ban will not treat this Pokemon as owned by that user (I can see it's owned by that user but the ban does not) So these ones need to be done manually. The ban system has been revised in v4 and this will no longer happen.
  9. Game Keep One, Change One

    Long Grass