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  1. Starting May 19th 2024, all forums will be set to a read-only state (except the store support sub-forum) The store support sub-forum is still strictly for help with a store purchase when you have an issue. Posts made there that are not related to a purchase will be deleted. The store will be closing on August 19th 2024 and a new store integrated within the game will be made available. This new store, when made available will bring a rebranding and pricing structure change to the current Premium subscription; the subscription will be renamed to PV+ and will be $10/month and have a cheaper version called PV+ Lite priced at $3/month which includes all the benefits of PV+ minus the monthly Mystery Boxes. In addition to this, the new store will see the country restrictions lifted for all locations that are currently unable to purchase from the store. (This restriction lift is a trial basis and may be put back into place at any time) Starting May 25th 2024 Gift cards will no longer be purchasable from the current store. All gift cards and account credit balances must be used/spent by August 19th 2024, they will not carry over to the new store. On August 20th 2024, the forums will be shut down completely and the domain forums.pokemon-vortex.com will have a permanent redirect to www.pokemon-vortex.com. There will be forum-like channels set up on our Discord server to report bugs, provide ideas and feedback and report players for scams and various rule breaking. FAQ Why is the forums being shut down? It has become apparent that forums are no longer a desired method of communication for Pokémon Vortex's demographic. Many players find them confusing to navigate and unhelpful in conversing in a timely fashion. What will happen to my store credit if I don't use it by August 19th 2024? It will no longer be usable. Please try and use any store credit and gift cards you may have as soon as possible. If you feel like you won't be able to, come and speak to me on Discord explaining why and I will see what can be done for you if the reasoning is valid. Will my current PayPal auto-renewal for my Premium subscription carry over to the new store? No, all automatic payment methods will be cancelled prior to the opening of the new store. You will then need to wait for your current Premium subscription to end before you can move over to the new PV+ or PV+ Lite.
  2. There is no valid email attached to that account. I see it is also not connected to a Discord account so unfortunately you will never be able to regain access to that account if you cannot remember the password as you cannot prove ownership of it.
  3. It depends on the time you're logging in, daily login rewards reset at midnight UTC, not your timezone. There is no issue with login rewards at this time.
  4. n*******ls*****w1**3@gmail.com
  5. Email changing is not currently available but will be coming back in the next content update within the options tab: If you're desperate to change your email now, I can do it for you before that update is rolled out, just come and speak to me about it on Discord.
  6. I have observed this recently and have contacted Google about it (haven't had a response yet) It seems to only happen on Firefox for some strange reason and the reason it's shrinking (which should happen after 1 second, not 5-10, you probably have a latency issue) is because I put something in place to recorrect the container size that keeps being stretched on Firefox while I'm awaiting Google's response. Unfortunately there's nothing more I can do about it until I hear back from them about why they're ignoring my advert size limitations in place and only on that browser.
  7. Assuming you mean the login limitation that can cause rate limiting. It lasts 15 minutes. If you’re constantly getting it and are only attempting to log in once then you may want to check your browser for malicious extensions or your computer for malicious software, you could have something installed that is reading your web pages and posting requests on your behalf (and without permission).
  8. Please read the FAQ before posting question topics. Q - When will a certain feature, event or update happen? A - If there is no announcement for it yet on our in-game news feed or Discord, then no one knows yet and the question cannot be answered.
  9. They're just very rare. The only requirement to encounter them is to have beaten the 8 Alola gyms. Ultra Beasts don't exist everywhere too. You can check where they spawn on the Wiki.
  10. You’re logging in and out of accounts too frequently.
  11. Welcome to the next instalment of Pokémon Vortex's events! Arceus (Flying) is making it's debut to the game! Starting Apr 27th at 00:00 UTC, Arceus (Flying) will be spawning at a legendary rate in the following locations during both day and night, in the grass: Route 3 Route 8 Route 12 Route 17 Route 21 This limited-time event ends on Apr 30th at 23:59 UTC so don't miss out on adding this godly Pokémon to your collection! Note: Encountering Arceus (Flying) on the maps will require you to have all 8 Sinnoh gym league badges.
  12. This is an issue with your browser, not Pokémon Vortex. Try clearing the browsing data of your browser. That error code appears to be specific to Google Chrome so here's how to clear the browsing data on that browser: Method 1: Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL at the same time on your keyboard. Method 2: Go to chrome://settings/privacy in the URL/Search bar. It will then be the first option in the "Privacy and Security" settings.
  13. Your account is not banned, it was locked while an investigation of unauthorised account access was investigated. The lock on your account has now been removed but you will still be unable to log in until you reset your password which you can do here: https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/forgot-password/
  14. It's not that the email address isn't verified, it's that it is invalid. Likely because previous emails have failed to send to it. Without access to the email address attached to the account, ownership of the account cannot be verified so there is no way to get back into it unless you remember the password or email.
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