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  1. I have a question pat.

    do u need to take the permission from the official pokemon group to create any pokemon?

  2. Answered Permission to mention vortex in my website

    Sure, that's fine. What's your website for? Also can I take a look at it? If you don't want others from here looking at it, feel free to PM me the link.
  3. Resolved Pokebay glitch

    Well, simply put, you did get your money back. Keep better track of how much you're making and spending because you're just mistaken. The way bids and refunds work is if the person who outbids you goes through then you will be refunded. If your refund failed then their bid would fail too. Basically it all succeeds or it all fails.
  4. Answered Answer me this!!

    No, but if you're at the end and have redeemed your Alolan prize without resetting, you can still find Alolan forms on the maps and evolve to Alolan forms.
  5. Answered Attack category

    Because status effects exist so people may want to know if an attack is a status attack. Of course physical and special have no difference in vortex yet, they're just there to fill the gaps.
  6. Unanswered Edit profile

    Can you show me what a Nintendo Switch friend code looks like please?
  7. Game Keep One, Change One

    Blue Pokémon
  8. Resolved Bugs in Forums ?!

    1) That's intentional. You only have a set amount of time to edit your post. 2) Most likely your phone. I tried iOS and Android and it works fine. 3) That was likely a moderator replying then changed their mind, moderators and above can post in closed topics. In addition to all this, please do not report forum bugs, the forums are a paid for software not developed by me so I have no control over bugs that may occur.
  9. hello Patrick,

                      i just want to tell you that someone hacked my account...i don't know how.He changed my password.When i created another account and checked my previous account i saw that he spent all my money and traded all my legendary and lvl100 pokemons.My user name is nandu452.if you checked it you can understand it.Please do something.i think you can find the person who is behind this.i been playing pokemon vortex from V2.i think you can understand my feeling.i need my account back.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Patrick


      Well it was the user: guruvang that has all your Pokémon.

      Just for clarification, you either gave this person your password (Not always willingly, maybe you tried to sign up for some kind of "cheats" or bots - These are scams and just log your password to steal your account) or you had a very easy and guessable password.

      You need to take better care of your online accounts on any website.

    3. 007nandu007


       what should i do?i didnt give him my password.and thanks for the information.


    4. 007nandu007


      can i get my account back?will pokemonvortex take any action against this user guruvang?

  10. What device do you play on? I noticed in your screenshots everything seems kind of squashed and out of proportion.

    1. Polaris


      Oh I play on a laptop :) 

      Sometimes I zoom out so I can press the buttons more easily so that might explain some of the squashing.

  11. Fixed Bugged Clan Battle

  12. The sidequest prize drops on the wiki is finally complete for the many times it's been asked for -

    1. seth1129400


      well this getting fixed will give a better impression :P

  13. Answered Forgot username

    Send me your email address and I’ll get your username for you.