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  1. Patrick

    Genesect Genesis v1


    Like a normal one but they'll all be started by the account "PokeBay"
  2. Patrick

    Genesect Genesis v1

    Welcome to the next installment of special events held by Pokémon Vortex! Be prepared to go bankrupt as we kick off PokéBay's first event. Unlike exclusive auctions that are already held on PokéBay, these event auctions will start and end at random intervals and be much more frequent during the event period (June 17th 00:00 to June 27th 23:59 BST) Each auction held will be for a set amount of Burn Drive items which is a new item introduced for this event and used on a regular Genesect to change its form to Genesect (Blaze) To change the form of your Genesect, you will first need to win one of these quick-run auctions and head over to the event center where you will be able to use it on a Gensect you own (and is not in your team or up for trade) These auctions can pop up randomly and last anything from minutes to days so choose wisely when bidding if you're in a hurry or like to play the patient game to nab them cheaper. Event FAQ: Do I need an event ticket to unlock the event center? No, just press "Unlock" any time while the event is running and you will be able to take part. Why can't I see my Genesect in the event center? If you are sure one should be in the list, make sure it is not in your team, not up for trade and not up for auction. Only Genesect in your storage can be form changed. I won a Burn Drive auction but the event center says I have 0 - Where is it? Make sure you won the auction, it is very easy to make the mistake with last-second auction sniping where you believe you won but you actually didn't. Auction Watch List will help you here, add any auction you're bidding on to your watch list so you can easily come back to it when it ends. Are auctions the only way to get Burn Drives? Yes. Can I resell a Burn Drive that I won? No, once you've won a Burn Drive auction, the item is locked to your account. Obtainable Pokémon:
  3. Hi Patrick,

    Every time I try to log in to my Pokemon-Vortex account, It says ''Your session has expired and you have been logged out automatically'', I have tried different web browsers and I have tried to delete my web browser history, Cookies and etc... And the same thing still happens. Can you please fix this?, I am going to lose Bids on PokeBay because of this if it is not fixed by tomorrow.



    1. ChloValor97


      Same here!! It happened to me a few hours ago on my account! I tried closing and opening a new browser and also tried making a new account but it just keeps saying the same thing

    2. JJAskiz


      Thank you for fixing the problem @Patrick.


    3. JJAskiz


      @ChloValor97, It was something from the Pokemon-Vortex websites end that stuffed up which was blocking all IP Addresses from Australia from logging in to the Pokemon-Vortex website for some weird reason, But the Root Administrator of the Pokemon-Vortex website @Patrick fixed the problem. Everyone from Australia or everyone using IP Addresses from Australia should be OK now when they try to log in to the Pokemon-Vortex website and it should work now with no problems at all.


  4. You didn't complete your previous battle with Yveltal. You need to press continue after catching a Pokémon otherwise the battle is classed as incomplete and will show you the end on your next battle.
  5. hi patrick can u solve the catching pokes bug forums i created


    1. Auke1993


      This bug is known.
      It's not a bug specific to Pokémon catching.
      It exists as well when selecting a move to use in battle.

  6. we must all thank you for the Arceus (Fighting)event it was fun testing our luck and this event was surely was in different form.


    I enjoyed the event very much!

    we hope there is events in different manner coming in the near future.

    1. porymon



      The event was cool.

      (And thats coming from me) : D

  7. Patrick

    Answered Cancel Premium Membership

    When you buy the premium subscription, you have the option during the checkout process to set up automatic billing (Have the subscription renewed each month without manually buying it each time) You could choose not to set this so it will only be bought on that one month you want it. If you have already bought it and set up a billing agreement, it can be cancelled at any time in your store purchases or through PayPal. Cancelling it does not remove your premium subscription but it will expire and not renew for you on the next bill date.
  8. Patrick

    Resolved No Chatbox?

    This isn't actually a bug and was part of an update you missed. You can read about it here: https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/changelog/
  9. As Pokémon Vortex gets older, it's visibly clear by Pokémon IDs and the infuriating "That username is not available" notice that the database grows and grows at a rapid rate. What does this mean? Nothing special really but some of you, like myself, love seeing random little statistics that are calculated and achieved over time so that's what we're here for - Here's some number crunching and milestones reached by Pokémon Vortex in the last 10 years and here's to 10 more beautiful years of Pokémon Vortex! 2009 - 2014 (v1 - v2) 2,817,404 accounts were registered 83,901,600 Pokémon were caught 12,408,733 trades were completed 16,001 players joined the last event 120,000+ Facebook likes accumulated 6,000 Twitter followers accumulated 2014 - 2019 (v3 - v4) 1,113,782 accounts were registered 24,637,964 Pokémon were caught/claimed 198,786 Pokémon were released 526,582,392,322 experience was trained on Pokémon 5,137,089 happiness hearts were obtained on Pokémon 208,101,934 battles were won 6,397,405 battles were lost 4,130,926,739.6 points were accumulated $109,944,664,607 is currently unspent 1,684,032 Wonder Trades were completed 8,069,399 regular trades were completed Pokémon Vortex's Discord server got partnered 2,037,288 daily login rewards were claimed 171,389 eggs were hatched in the Christmas Hatchathon event The Spin2Win event slot machine was spun 8,326,240 times 2,768 players managed to score 1 or more point in the Magikarp Splash April Fool's event $28,367,705,734 was taken in PokéBay tax $283,534,381,082 was spent on PokéBay auctions 1,517,803 PokéBay auctions were created 1,893,699 bids were placed 63,359 auctions were added to players watch lists 974,833 PokéBay auctions went unsold (Lower your prices, people!) 653,579 avatars were unlocked 1,194,837 promo codes were distributed 739,193 promo codes were claimed 216,226 friends were made 498,660 followers were accumulated 29,581 friend requests went unanswered : ( 19,957 players were blocked 2,307 Players linked their Pokémon Vortex account to their Discord account 8,379 Clans were founded 34,252 players joined forces as a clan 7,477 players were kicked from clans 974,899 clan battles were victorious 15,982 clan battles were lost 1,347,641 messages were sent 17,499 Pokémon were nicknamed A fun little hypothetical one I worked out: If every Pokémon's experience was combined to one Pokémon and there was no maximum level cap, That Pokémon would be a whopping Level 1,053,164,784 Sorry there aren't more statistics pre-v3
  10. Patrick

    Event Unobtainables Collection Showoff

  11. Patrick

    General Poke-joke

    12 year olds aren’t allowed on this forum.
  12. Patrick

    Answered Banned from discord

    Because you’re 12
  13. Patrick

    Answered Discord Server Bots

    Can you please stop using these forums for general Discord questions? This is for Pokémon Vortex, if you need help with Discord then they have their own support articles and reddit.
  14. Why is my account banned

    1. omg414


      Pokemon Vortex staff never ban your account for fun! You must have broken some or the other Terms of service rule(TOS)


      Check TOS to know the rules

  15. Why aren't there good stuff in the daily login???

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Patrick


      There are legendary Pokémon and Mystery Boxes in the daily login reward pool, they’re just very rare. 

    3. Auke1993


      In that case I probably got a Legendary at some point, and I don't remember. Maybe not though.
      I definitely have never received a Mystery Box.

    4. sportsandmusic69


      I can confirm there ARE Mystery Boxes in the daily log in. I've won one from it before.