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  1. Resolved Pokebay - Unsold

    They're meant to. Your unsold auctions are more of a log to tell you what didn't sell even if you keep relisting it and it eventually sells. It just needs a bit of a design change such as the relist button being removed when you've already relisted it.
  2. zpx0n.jpg

    I'm having problems with the site.
    For several times I try to battle against the facilities battles, but the site always stuck, not allowing me to complete the battle, I've already tested my connection and it's okay, I believe it's something in the battles tab.


    1. v3567


      Why are you blocking ads? o.O

  3. Resolved Daily Gift

    Your prize was already claimed on another account using the same internet connection. The message explains this that you should avoid using public internet connections and mobile networks so that you do not share an IP address with another user. If you have a family member that plays in your household then that will also cause this. It is not a bug and was intentionally designed this way so people cannot claim multiple daily login rewards on multiple accounts.
  4. A Note : 

    Necrozma isn't an Ultra Beast . It's been put under ultra beasts in the game so I hope you do correct it .

    1. Auke1993


      The reason it's been put there is because it acts like an Ultra Beast.

      It appears in the same quest in the main game (Sun/Moon) as the Ultra Beasts, so that part works.
      The unfortunate thing is that this makes Necrozma only catchable in a Beast Ball, which then doesn't work.

      Personally, I'm fine with how it is. I like that Necrozma has the same appearance rate as Ultra Beasts do.

    2. Harsh Vardhan

      Harsh Vardhan

      I do like Necrozma having the same rarity . I thought it was an error which occured in the game .

  5. Fixed Too many pages

    Oh I didn’t see that you said recent trades too. I’ll look into that one as well.
  6. Answered Alolan forms

    Pokémon that evolve to an Alolan form from their regular form (E.g. Cubone -> Marowak (Alolan)) need to be evolved while you are on or completed the Alolan Sidequest region. Pokémon that are caught in an Alolan form and evolve to Alolan forms (E.g. Diglett (Alolan) -> Dugtrio (Alolan)) need to be caught while you are on or completed the Alolan Sidequest region but can be evolved at any time. Note: When you reset your sidequest progress, you will no longer be able to evolve a regular form Pokémon to an Alolan form and you will no longer encounter Alolan forms on the maps until you make your way back to/past the Alolan Sidequest region again.
  7. Answered How to get a arceus unknown

    Arceus (Unknown) hasn't actually had an official event yet. The ones that are in circulation of the game were given out by me to people who helped with various small jobs in the production of v4 such as spriting or data entry. There will be an Arceus (Unknown) event one day. When? I don't know. These will not always be the only available ones - The point was that they get to have them before anyone else for their help.
  8. Fixed no leveling up o.O

    Fixed. Note: If you have a Pokémon currently affected by this bug, you need to complete a battle with it to correct the level.
  9. Fixed Pichu Notched sprite

    Fixed. Note: If you've looked at the sprite recently while it was missing, you may need to re-cache for it to show now)
  10. Fixed  Pokémon