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  1. This is an issue with your browser, not Pokémon Vortex. Try clearing the browsing data of your browser. That error code appears to be specific to Google Chrome so here's how to clear the browsing data on that browser: Method 1: Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL at the same time on your keyboard. Method 2: Go to chrome://settings/privacy in the URL/Search bar. It will then be the first option in the "Privacy and Security" settings.
  2. Your account is not banned, it was locked while an investigation of unauthorised account access was investigated. The lock on your account has now been removed but you will still be unable to log in until you reset your password which you can do here: https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/forgot-password/
  3. It's not that the email address isn't verified, it's that it is invalid. Likely because previous emails have failed to send to it. Without access to the email address attached to the account, ownership of the account cannot be verified so there is no way to get back into it unless you remember the password or email.
  4. Gollum and Grimer don't share a body type, something like Mime Jr. is more fitting.
  5. If you don’t want to use Discord then you can still obtain it through auctions or trades from other players. We like to have a few select Pokemon exclusively available through the Discord quiz to encourage people to join which, in turn, forms a community. There are no plans to change how Cosmog can be obtained. Like I said, it’s not locked to Discord completely, you can still get it.
  6. There’s an entire sub-forum dedicated to posting ideas, I don’t see the benefit of having a separate topic outside of there also containing ideas. I appreciate the enthusiasm to providing feedback for the game though and if you get any ideas of your own, please post them there - I read every single one.
  7. Nothing is wrong with wanting it but nothing about what you said just asked for the ability to use special characters in Pokémon's username, the opening line is a complaint that a developer of the game has access to something you don't. Anyway, this is why it will not happen: We do not have multi-lingual staff and nicknames are manually moderated, meaning moderators would now have to spend extra time translating names from Japanese, Arabic, etc to English to make sure they conform with nicknaming rules. The database does not support these characters, the nickname on my Charizard would disappear if I rebooted the database server.
  8. It’s really not that “wild” lol. Three forum topics about this same thing is wild. What’s more wild is that you can’t let this go that I have a Charizard with a Japanese name; something purely cosmetic that doesn’t affect you or your account/play one bit. This reads more like a troll complaint than an idea/suggestion.
  9. The game and Pokédex was intentionally made to work that way, it’s called a “living dex” and works in a way that you need to currently own a Pokémon for it to be registered in the Pokédex, not something you previously owned but no longer do.
  10. No. Also, it wouldn’t take your money if you tried since illegal characters are stopped before the moderation process.
  11. You already posted this and then put at the end: You're not being very clear about your situation, please explain what happened in better detail and provide screenshots of your conversation with this person.
  12. Your account seems to have been taken over by a spam bot and was posting malicious links. I have removed the restriction from your account, please log in and change your password as soon as possible.
  13. Buying and selling things on this website is against our Terms of Service for this exact reason.
  14. Hi, that role is automatically given out by our bot when it detects you have an active premium subscription and cannot be manually handed out. If you are not seeing many (or even any) channels, you need to enable some in the top of the channels list under the events calendar, there should be a tab called “Channels & Roles” or something similar depending on your platform. The channel you want specifically is #bot-commands and type the following to link your Vortex game account to your Discord account: !iam sakeJPN Make sure you have DMs enabled on the server (you can turn them off again after if you like) so that VortexBot can private message you further instructions. Once done, your premium role will be applied within 5 minutes.
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