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  1. https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/forgot-username/
  2. 1) They are considered premium Pokémon because they are and only ever have been obtainable from Mystery Boxes which is a premium item. 2) No 3) No
  3. ...It's just a joke to lighten up the release a Pokemon section. There's no adoptions.
  4. They don't show up because you traded them on April 8th 2019 or you gave someone access to your account that did it.
  5. Sorry but these Q&A forums are not for personal opinion questions such as values. If you want to know estimate values of things then ask in a status or on our Discord. These forums are for factual help only.
  6. It can't be "fixed" because it isn't broken. It works as it is intended and will not be changed. The bidding cooldown exists so you can't just spam the bid button trying to win, you have to time your bids precisely if you want to win an auction that multiple people are interested in.
  7. This kind of thing is not allowed on the forums. If you want to conduct a giveaway then you need to source the prizes yourself.
  8. The amount of spam in this topic is ridiculous. If no one has posted after your last post and you have something else to say - edit your last post, do not post again and again until someone replies. Also keep the mount of trade topics you own to a maximum of two, you don't need new topics for each Pokemon you have or are looking for.
  9. I see the purchase you're talking about and there's nothing to "fix". What has gone wrong (if you can even call it gone wrong as it's working as intended) is your own fault. 1) You didn't even make the purchase from the account you're reporting the issue on (why?) 2) You put in a Vortex username to receive the purchase on that doesn't even exist (again, why?) Log back into the forum account you made the purchase on and amend your "Vortex Username" then the promo code from the purchase will be sent to that user under the promo code inventory category.
  10. Daily login rewards reset at 00:00 GMT, it does not run off your own time zone. It was intentionally built this way and is not a bug.
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