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  1. Hey,

    I played the game a few years ago but have no idea what the username would be anymore. What way can i get around this? is there a way i can PM you emails i use to check if either of them have an account connected to them?
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    2. Patrick


      Assuming you even have an account actually... that was a stupid suggestion, my bad.

    3. Oddy142


      Yeah, i dont. Any way to PM in these forums?

    4. Oddy142


      I have added you on steam.

  2. Answered

    It's Mystic Jigglypuff With only 31 available at the time of this post. Don't mistake rarity with the total count though - Mystic Jigglypuff is by no means hard to get, there are a few factors at play here to why there are so little: It's Mystic - These seem to be the least wanted by players so people are more likely to skip the Mystic Igglybuff if found on the maps. It's a happiness evolution - Happiness evolution takes a lot more time to do than a regular level evolution so not many people do it. It's a middle evolution - If people can be bothered with the happiness evolution, they usually take it to the next step too and will evolve it into a Wigglytuff. Just remember, the number count of a Pokémon doesn't always signify how rare a Pokémon is, but how much it is liked.
  3. Contest

    You're not allowed to ask for admission to a contest - They must be 100% free to enter even if the entree is guaranteed their entry fee back. This eliminates the possibility for people to scam through contests. Please read the forum rules if you're unfamiliar with how to run contests.
  4. Art

    There are multiple topics about this but the point is people like to have their own topic for their own work than post it with others in one big collection. That way it works as a portfolio to that artist. I'm going to close this topic because people won't use it. Have a look deeper into the art forums and archives, you'll find some.
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    List updated
  6. Answered

    I can set a password for you so you don't have to sign in with G+ any more. I can also merge your two accounts so you only have one. Let me know when you're on Discord and we'll sort it out. @SquirrelKing CabanaBoy
  7. my account has been hacked

    and someone playing my account he changed my account please help my last password is 5 and last email is [email protected] and in discord i registered my account to vortex bot please help its my life


  8. hey pat can you give us a little update on clans

    1. HunterHemsley


      Better mind your language you [email protected] :MasterBall: [email protected] I really hate you :)

  9. Fixed

  10. Fixed