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  1. Patrick

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary

    The time has come! It's been a very long journey but the time has flown by and in the blink of an eye; Pokémon Vortex is 10 years old!! So what can we do to honor this? Well first let's start it off by thanking everyone who played, is playing and will play Pokémon Vortex, you're the heart of the game and the reason it continues to run through the years so thank you to each and every one of you, you're the bestestest But you don't just want some lame old thank you note, do you? Of course not! SO, we're going to give you 10 whole months of various celebrations! Varying from events, giveaways, exclusive auctions and game downgrades updates! You won't want to miss a single day of Pokémon Vortex this year because there will always be something going on, so clear your calendars, trainers! Of course, we're not just going to tell you everything planned but here's a few things you can look forward to over the next 10 months starting February 14th: (Be sure to keep checking back for updates on what's to come over the months - All dates and times are GMT) February Feb 14th 00:00 to 23:59 - Hourly Furfrou (Heart) promo code exclusive auctions will be listed Feb 15th 00:00 to Feb 18th 23:59 - Pokémon nickname requests will be FREE! Feb 19th to March 5th - Into The Unown special event March ??? April ??? May ??? June ??? July ??? August ??? September ??? October ??? November ???
  2. Hi Pat, 

    I am the owner of the account danieljustine and I haven't been on the game since 2016, due to me not being active since then, I have forgotten the password, so when I click the forgot password button and type in my E-mail, I;m not getting it (I've checked junk and spam). I have a feeling I have deactivated the E-mail I used for this account probably due to a lot of spam emails from various different games.

    Is there any way I can get access to my account, I worked so hard for the Pokemon on there. :( 

    Please help


    Thank you

  3.  add  Zeraora  plss 

  4. Patrick

    Answered Deoxys event?

  5. Patrick

    Resolved Wild Pokémon

    @dashedcarThis is because you're not completing your previous wild encounter. When you catch a Pokémon, you need to go right to the last screen where you have the options; "Return to map", "Put Up for Auction" etc. Do not quit the battle just because the dialogue box says "You caught ???" this is not the end of the battle and you will be shown the end on your next encounter.
  6. Hello, I just entered my account and I figure as "Baned", is this an error? my user is Sir_Astaroth

    1. Auke1993


      The account Sir_Astaroth does not seem to exist.
      Are you sure you've spelt it correctly?

    2. porymon


      You got banned? 

    3. carbonshadow


      goodbye account

  7. Patrick

    Unanswered To Admin - Recovery of Old Account

    What do you mean the forgot password option "doesn't work"? I just tried it and it works fine. Are you not getting the email? Do you not remember the email address registered to the account? Please be a bit more specific.
  8. Patrick

    Resolved Discord Login

    You need to speak to Discord about it or check their self-help section in the link I just posted.
  9. Patrick

    Resolved Discord Login

    We do not have any influence over Discord, they have their own support system: https://pkvrtx.com/Discord-Help
  10. Patrick

    Into The Unown


    All that's available on Meltan is from Pokémon Go and Pokémon Let's Go which has been available for much longer than last week. We still don't know how Meltan will evolve in the main series without the Pokémon Go candy system. Anyway, my point was I just wanted to hear a more detailed theory, it just makes things more interesting. "I think it's Meltan because of this - ..." is far more interesting than just "I think it's Meltan" so I wanted you to expand on your point.
  11. Patrick

    Into The Unown


    @porymon What does Unown have to do with Meltan? I'm not saying it's not a Meltan event, I'm just curious why you've jumped to that conclusion based on nothing but an event title and the fact that some Meltan information has been available for months.
  12. Patrick

    Into The Unown

    Details TBA Date is an unconfirmed placeholder
  13. Patrick

    Answered Alolan pokemon

    You need to be in the Alola region of Sidequests.
  14. Patrick

    Resolved Clan icon

    Follow this guide step by step: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Getting_Your_Forum_Clan_ID
  15. Yo pat, any idea when Magearnagets inroduced to the family?