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  1. Young kids are not allowed to be on Discord as per their terms of service. Discord is just an additional and optional part of Vortex, it is not required to play the game, you can still get Cosmog or other quiz rewards via trade/PokéBay. The verification measures on the Discord server will not be removed or laxed, sorry.
  2. If it's while the quiz is ongoing, it's because you can only type at certain points to answer the question. For a lot the quiz, the channel is locked to allow everyone to see the question before it's pushed up off the screen from a flood of answers.
  3. I removed these people from the Discord server. Why? Because I simply do not want them in my community. I spoke to one of your clan members; Ginga_bishounen about the issues I had with your clan server when I was in it briefly and as I expected, it just picked right back up as soon as I left. Nothing but hate for me and Vortex in general. I don't take any of it personally, you're not the first people to do it and you won't be the last but I have to ask the same I asked him; why do you even want to be a part of a community you loathe so much? Have I not done you a favour by removing you? I've definitely done myself a favour. If you need an example of the kind of people I don't want or have to have in my community, it's this vile sexism and slander: If you don't like Pokémon Vortex, do not play it, it's nonsensical to do something you're not enjoying. And for the record, it was 5 people I banned, not 10-15. Tyheamma didn't even know it happened so she was joking about it thinking you were all joking. Of course, you being you won't believe that, thinking I'm "sticking up for her" so here's proof:
  4. Scaring is not a status condition and so Shadow Pokemon are not immune to it. Scaring is more like flinching in the main-series Pokemon games.
  5. It needs to be an actual image extension link to embed into the post. So, for example, the url will end in .png or .gif Some image sharing websites do not give you links like these so that when shared, it is embedded within their own site and they can monetize it.
  6. No, when your clan is full then people will not be able to request to join - They will be shown an error message that says something along the lines of: "Sorry, the clan you requested to join is currently full." If you would like to always keep your options open, I would advise only ever having 99 people on your clan at a time.
  7. Patrick

    Answered Glaceon

    Yes, Eevee needs an Ice Stone to evolve into Glaceon.
  8. Patrick

    Answered Bug?

    The auctions you’re referring to were started by someone who got banned. When someone is banned and they have active auctions, the auctions are ended instantly and if they have bids, the money will be returned to the bidder.
  9. You (or someone with access to your account) were using a script to automate gameplay which violates the terms of service of Pokémon Vortex.
  10. I don't know why you're expecting a different response to the others here. You are able to find legendary Pokemon if you have all the badges of any specific region - If you can't then you're unlucky (As you already read in previous posts) That's all there is to it, there is no bug to be reported here.
  11. You need to do the orange island gyms as well, they’re part of the kanto legendary unlock criteria.
  12. For Vortex originals like Darkrown and the Dratini forms, you need to complete all currently available regions. Right now, this means you need alll badges from Kanto to Alola. When the Galar League comes, you will no longer be able to find these Pokémon until you obtain all Galar badges as well.
  13. The Galar region isn’t released yet.
  14. Scheduled Maintenance & Changes to Badges On Monday July 13th at 16:00 BST, Pokémon Vortex will be going down for maintenance for approximately two hours. During this maintenance a new system will be put in to place that changes how badges and legendary Pokémon spawns work on players accounts. In preparation for gen 8 to be added to Pokémon Vortex, you will now only be required to finish a specific region's badges to find legendary Pokémon that originate from that region. For example, you will only need the 8 gym badges from Johto to be able to find Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Ho-oh, Lugia and Celebi on the maps. Elite 4s, Champions and Battle Frontiers are no longer part of the legendary unlock criteria and have been separated to their own battle category called "Leagues" as well as no longer showing their completion status in the badges section of public profiles viewed in the members side tab. The Kalos Battle Maison has been removed completely. Medals for each region will be visible on your private profile pages to signify whether or not you have unlocked that region's legendary Pokémon spawns. (They will be grayed out and blurred if you have not yet unlocked it. They also have info on hover that will tell you more)
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