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  1. Clan Changes 2018/2019 Effective immediately, clans will no longer be able to hold 400 members. The Capacity is now set at 100 members per clan. What does this mean for clans that already have over 100 members? They will remain over capacity until the clan condenses their own member list or when the next content update drops (the mobile update) - Those clans will automatically have their member list condensed on a random basis of member kicks. How long do clans have to organise their own member list to be 100 or below? The date is uncertain but I urge you to do it as soon as possible. Who will be removed from a clan if the member list is left above 100 at the time of the next update? All users with roles (Leader, Co-Leader, Elitest) will be left in the clan. Members without a role will be randomly chosen to be removed until the clan is left at 100 members. Why was this change made? Multiple reasons. The first being a preparation for the "Clan Skills" update. The second reason being hopefully this will spread players out a bit more across multiple clans, making the Top Clans leaderboard a bit more competitive and interesting for the upcoming clan updates we have planned. If you know anyone who runs a clan, please spread this notice on so they can have a chance to organise their own clan without us intervening. Thank you.
  2. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    Wild Pokémon egg drops have now come to an end but that doesn't mean there's just daily login rewards left to get eggs!

    Until December 19th all clan battle wins have the chance to drop an egg of all 4 types.

    Happy hunting, everyone!

  3. Hey Patrick, I did get my Daily Login reward now i.e, for today, but my bug report is still valid, as I did receive that before and it also showed at that time that I had received it on 11th (today, in my time zone) which confuses me, as I got today's reward now. See? There is a bug.

    1. edisonoyz


      your sentence structure creates enough confusion already. perhaps you could provide screenshots or phrase your sentences better.


      also, if you didn't receive your login reward, it would have been acquired in an account that first log on to that particular wifi network, doesn't quite make sense for it to not be the case.

    2. jokerjack998


      I apologize for my sentence structure. English isn't my native language. And I can provide screenshots, but I don't have the screenshots of the earlier time when I saw the bug, as I didn't consider it a serious bug, nor wanted any kind of compensation. So I can only provide the screenshots of the current time of my account.

      And coming to your second point, well I did send Patrick a 'report' about that, telling about my situation, so I am currently waiting for his reply. The reason why I put up this message is because I sent that 'report' before logging in today, so honestly speaking I wasn't really sure of my bug. But now that I did receive it, it confirms my doubt, as I last logged in yesterday (in my time zone), but the daily calendar highlighted today(in my time zone, which is 11th), along with the 'I received it already' statement. Now, I don't really remember what the server time was at that time, but as far as I know, the server time is -3.30 hrs of my time zone. Hence, considering that I logged in yesterday (10th), the calendar highlighting 11th(without the Unknown X symbol) is already a bug. Now, my bug report isn't right anymore, as I had reported a different bug before, but still, there's a bug now, which, may be different from mine. Hence, I put this message now to further inform him about it.

    3. jokerjack998


      I used to play Pokemon Vortex v2 a lot before I stopped it to focus on my studies. Only now, did I come back to play it again, so I really have quite a bond with this game, and I really just want to help here and also know what might be the problem. 


  4. Patrick

    Resolved Daily Login Bug

    I don't see why you needed to create a bug report for this when you clearly know how daily login rewards work. Someone (or yourself) is using the same network to log into two accounts so only one is getting the reward, it's that simple. There's no bug here.
  5. Patrick

    Resolved Regice avatar spoils

    That's not a bug, it was just easier to implement that way for a temporary feature. If eggs were a permanent thing, I wouldn't have made it work that way. You're the first to notice/mention it though so good for you
  6. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    The top hatchers rewards have been revealed
    Check the event center for more information.

    Happy hatching!

  7. Patrick

    Christmas Hatchathon


    There's no set amount, they're random drops. Just remember, it's wild battles only, not trainer battles.
  8. Patrick

    Christmas Hatchathon


  9. Patrick

    Christmas Hatchathon


    The above answer is incorrect. There is a notification on the chat bar (Like when you received a message or get outbid on an auction)
  10. Patrick

    Answered Leveling

    A Pokémon must contribute to the battle to earn experience. There’s no way to share experience to Pokémon that weren’t used in the battle.
  11. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    Defeating wild Pokémon in battle now have a chance to drop an egg of all 4 types.

    Are you willing to let wild Pokémon faint for an egg?

    Happy hunting, everyone!

    Wild Pokémon egg drops ends on December 12th

    1. Auke1993


      Ooh, more reason to do wild battles.

    2. waybig


      How high is that "chance" exactly? And does it increase by level or is it completely random 

  12. Patrick

    Answered A question about the current egg event

    It's started and you don't need an event ticket.
  13. Patrick

    Answered I was banned

    That's a server error, not a ban. Don't worry about it.
  14. i am new to this game . i got an egg but i can't see where it is ........i tried to look in the event center but it says i need to unlock it ....please help figure out ..


    1. waybig


      You can start hatching the eggs on December 5th when the event center opens up.

      Hope this helps!025

  15. What kind of Pokémon will be hatching from the eggs?