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  1. Patrick

    Feedback Requests

    No and no
  2. patrick TheMaskedMan cheated me he took my bayleaf pls bro help me


  3. Patrick

    Answered How to evolve pokemon

    Maybe it would help if you show me a screenshot of what you're seeing.
  4. Patrick

    Answered How to evolve pokemon

    They are screenshots... They're loading fine for me.
  5. Patrick

    Answered How to evolve pokemon

    Hi, welcome to Pokémon Vortex The option you're looking for is the '+' icon that appears when viewing your Pokémon. The icon is visible on every Pokémon, even if it doesn't evolve, but obviously clicking it on a Pokémon that shouldn't evolve will tell you that it isn't able to. If you hover over each option, it will tell you what they do - alternatively you can click the 'table view' icon in the top left of the 'view all Pokémon' page which will give you text options instead of icons like so:
  6. Yes that is correct. Anything you do in a season is locked to your account for that season.
  7. The report bugs section has been cleaned up and all (except battle bugs - more on why later) have been addressed in the upcoming update. I would like to make a point to the people who are reporting bugs, a big thank you but I came across MANY duplicate reports, so can you please search the forums to see if the bug you are reporting has already been posted? It makes the process of fixing them much quicker as well as keeping the forums nice and clean. Thank you.

    1. sportsandmusic69


      Sexy Patrick to the rescue.

    2. Patrick


      I do what I can :x

  8. Patrick

    Resolved daily log in

    Too add on to Elitecrafters point, it’s not always multiple people in the same house playing. This can occur if you’re using a public internet connection such as an Internet cafe, wifi hotspots, mobile networks or proxies/VPNs. this is not a bug or error, it is an intended measurement in place to make sure people can’t claim multiple prizes from the daily login.
  9. Patrick

    Fixed Catch Pokemon Error

    Fixed in the next update.
  10. Patrick

    Fixed Listing pokemon

    Fixed in the next update.
  11. Patrick

    Fixed 31th for daily rewards

    Fixed in the next update.
  12. It was a daylight savings issue. It should be fixed now.
  13. Patrick

    Other Name the last pokemon u caught on map.

    This topic already exists. Also please post in the correct section when creating new topics.
  14. Patrick

    Fixed Remove recent trade in firefox

    Fixed in the next update.