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  1. Patrick

    Answered MLPF relations?

    There is no relation between the two websites but we both use Invision Community software for our forums it seems. It is used by thousands of websites from all over the world.
  2. Patrick

    Answered Please, help me!!

    @humberto101 The email attached to that account is - h******o.j**a.s*********o@hotmail.com
  3. Patrick

    Report Someone took my account

    This answers what happened perfectly.
  4. Patrick

    Answered trading

    It's never safe to train for experience. That's all there is to say on it.
  5. Why u banned my account? XxxDy4bloxxX just tell me the reason...i dont cheat

    1. eurstin


      You cheated

    2. Dy4blo


      Stfup u dont know whats happening...

  6. Patrick

    Answered Account recovery

    Hi, Unfortunately I cannot tell you the exact email address associated with an account but I can obfuscate it for you and if it is indeed yours, then you'll be able to work out which of your email addresses it is. d***t*1@live.com is the email associated with EdgeRankv2 If you no longer have access to this email address or you used a fake one when registering then I hate to say but you won't be getting the account back. Email addresses are the only way to prove ownership of an account so without it then we have no guarantee that it is your account. I hope this was helpful and you manage to get back into your account. Good luck.
  7. ive got banned but i dont know why? can youhelp me please?


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    2. Sneezeball


      Whatever you did, you deserved to get banned. If you dont want to make another account, just leave.

    3. Dy4blo


      Oh i deserved to be banned? Man f**k u...u think u r god to judge or tell me that im deserve that? U dont know s**t...i hope they never banned ur account...cuz its not right they just do whatever they want...without a reason...n yes im going to leave...f**k pokemon vortex...

    4. Sneezeball


      I would never do stupid crap, like you did, to get my account banned sir.

  8. Patrick

    Resolved Fighting Type Color

    This was already reported and fixed in the next update. Please use the search feature to check if bugs have already been reported in future, thank you.
  9. Patrick

    Answered Missing badges

    You missed the last Unova elite 4.
  10. Patrick

    General Meltan

    Meltan very much does exist, it’s a new Pokemon for the upcoming Nintendo Switch titles; Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee! & Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu!

    Who ever see my profile read this and support me

    My clan had suddenly changed it's owner or leader from me to one player who is not currently online for many months his ign is Abcdefg007

    Pls help me I also reported pls pls pls....

  12. The event details have been updated! 805


  13. Patrick

    Answered Moderator in Discord

  14. Patrick

    Answered Mr. Patrick. Please help me!

    I cannot publicly give out email addresses associated with accounts but I can obfuscate it for you and if it is indeed yours then you will recognise what it should be. The email on the account haloreis is - hal****r*1@m***t.com
  15. Patrick

    Answered Moderator in Discord

    Moderators are hand selected by me. There is no process to it or checklists of things to do and not do. They're appointed as the community grows or current moderators leave. There is currently no position available.