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  1. problem solved

    1. Patrick


      Uhhh okay? O.o

  2. In necrozma nexus what required 


    1. aijaj1


      Event necrozma nexus what is the required 

    2. Auke1993


      As the event information states, that is still to be announced.
      We will find out later.

  3. SW-0794-9957-7477

    Need frands for Sword/Shield. Will sing and dance for anyone getting Shield and can give a poor Patrick a Larvitar. :T_T:
    (Even if you're not getting Shield, you can add me anyway, maybe we can do a Gigantamax battle together or something)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Patrick


      I usually get both myself but the one that ends up not being my main game just doesn’t get played so I’ve decided to finally cut the habit of getting both games and just trade for the exclusives from others instead.

    3. ashgreninjaserina


      I might get a switch soon,  I may also get one of the games. Both games look good, so I don't know which one I want yet.


      A little off topic but never challenge me to a pokemon ultra moon battle or else... 

      (Hint you wont win) lol

    4. Auke1993


      I normally get one game, and then a few months later get the other to do some challenges with such as Nuzlockes.

      As that's been the case for a long time, I decided to get them at the same time now (as there's some nice pre-order bonuses here).

  4. Zygarde is correct but yes the Arceus trifecta forms need to be edition 2.
  5. Patrick

    Unanswered help

    What's the email address? @oopese
  6. Pokémon Vortex will be down for maintenance on November 1st starting at an estimated time of 00:00 GMT until a currently unknown time. During the maintenance period, Pokémon Vortex will be moved to a much more robust and capable server than what it currently uses. Maintenance FAQ Q - If we are already logged in, can we continue playing during the maintenance? A - No. You will automatically be logged out as the whole game needs to be taken offline. Q - What about Discord quizzes won during the maintenance period? A - Promo codes won on Discord will have their usual expiry time of an hour extended to be usable after the maintenance. Q - Will we lose any account progress during this? A - No.
  7. and i know who took my pokemon someone called serhat5404

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. vive


      i didnt tell anyone my old password at all

    3. llsentinell


      it would be better if you write a topic in the "report scammer" section

      and attached to it images related to theft (chat, trade history)


      Although it seems strange me, a theft without having the account password seems very serious

    4. vive


      i dont know how he got on my account

  8. i have have been had 20+ pokemon robbed of my account could you help me get them back plz

  9. I am the owner of the account danieljustine and I haven't been on the account since 2016, due to me not being active since then, I have forgotten the password, so when I click the forgot password button and type in my E-mail, I'm not getting it (I've checked junk and spam). I then realised, I have deactivated the E-mail I used for this account due to a lot of spam emails from various different games.

    Is there any way I can get access to my account, I worked so hard for the Pokemon on there. :( 

    Please help


    Thank you

  10. Can you fix the robot i can't send messages because i only see 1 part of it

    Also on my screen the grass maps are already night time can you fix it because right now it's 5:42 pm and not 7:00 pm

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Auke1993


      You have to check the 'I am not a robot' box.
      Once you've done that, you can send messages. That is all you have to do.

    3. Yet2.0


      i did that i only saw 1/3 of it

    4. Auke1993


      Are you playing on pc?

  11. This is very easily and quicker done in the game using the Pokédex though... Just type “Rotom” or “Therian” in the search and it’ll show what you do or don’t have.
  12. sir

    can you plz change my time zone 

    sorry for keeping my wrong time zone

    i am from india 

    can you keep india time zone

    thanks in advance 

    1. sportsandmusic69


      Time zones cannot be changed.

    2. mazking


      plz  do something by mistake i have set wrong time zone plz hel me out i want asia / kolkata time zone plz patrick 

      thanks in advance

  13. Well you didn't set your timezone to reflect that. This is where you set it to: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Dili,+Timor-Leste/@-9.1603615,124.4232753,6.71z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x2d01e70d32288115:0x3d9d6ee9546912d9!8m2!3d-8.5568557!4d125.5603143
  14. You must have chose the wrong timezone... Where are you from?
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