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  1. i would like to talk to you cause i bought 12 mystery boxes andn i cancelled it beacuse it errored but on my PayPal its say that i dont have my money anymore but didnt get my promocode

    please contact me


  2. Patrick

    Resolved Account Help

    @eurstin Passwords are encrypted so we do not have knowledge of what they are/were or the length of them. I've had a look at the account and can see you most likely used a fake email on it (I'd be surprised if you managed to get the email attached to it before someone else) However, I can still help you recover the account but it will require to talk to you directly for 10 minutes or so. When you have the time, come and speak with me on Discord about it and we'll see what we can do.
  3. Pat Just check there are many unanswered ques. i also want to know the answers hope u are not too busy pls clear the ques.:^_^:

  4. Patrick

    Answered Alone In Map

    There's an option to show other people on the maps in the 'Options'tab on the left side of the screen. (There is a bug with this setting that is fixed in the upcoming update so you might have issues with it until then)
  5. Patrick

    Answered Seasons

    Only the default order of the seasonal leaderboard gives prizes so you want the highest points you can possibly get which is a balance of uniques, wins, total experience and average experience. ordering the leaderboard by uniques may put you at the top for that order but it’s possible you won’t be in the top 100 overall for points and you will not receive a Porygon form at the end of a season.
  6. I've updated the first post to clear up some confusion about this discussion.
  7. No it won't. If you have questions about things not related to this topic, use the Q&A forum please.
  8. Patrick

    Answered What the glitch?

    I'd have to agree with this since you're vague with what's actually happening. Could we get a screenshot of what it says or something? Another possibility is you're trying to battle in two tabs at the same time - This can have negative side effects.
  9. This already exists, it's the seasonal leaderboard. Only things you catch and train yourself are counted AND it gives prizes.
  10. That's not possible. I won't explain why but it just isn't, unfortunately. Illegitimate experience will likely always be reset when the trainer of it is banned. Anyway, illegitimate experience isn't the topic being discussed so we'll leave that there.
  11. This already happens, it's just not triggered by a trade or auction.
  12. So an idea that has been floated since the early days of v3 but never implemented because of mixed opinions is a Pokémon over level 100 having its experience reset to 50,000 when traded or auctioned. Please also note, if this change does ever happen, all current traded experience will be unaffected. Today I'm looking for the players opinion on this potential change and I will explain my own pros and cons of the change. Please do not just reply with "I don't like it" or "Good idea" give constructive feedback - Why do you like or dislike it? Will it affect you? Do you care? and so on. Pros: It removes the risk factor of trading experience and later losing it because it turned out to be trained illegitimately. It creates an experience sink much like the PokéBay auction tax. Any experience owned you know was trained by the current owner. It stops mass trades/combining accounts to storm the leaderboards. Cons: People who don't have time to train themselves are at a disadvantage. Pokémon trained to high experience can never be traded/sold without losing the time/effort spent on it. It'll be much harder to climb leaderboards alone. So, tell us what you think. I'll be interested in hearing what everyone has to say. Notice! It seems a lot of people don't really understand what this discussion is about so I'll clear it up and I apologise for being vague previously. It has nothing to do with illegitimately obtained experience or stopping people from obtaining it. My idea of resetting experience when traded/auctioned is just an example of what is wanted. What I want is your own idea to achieve the same effect or opinion on my idea. So what do I mean by achieve the same effect? I'm looking for a way to make experience you did not train yourself not as appealing or valuable.
  13. Patrick

    Fixed Wrong no of pokemon shown in pokedex

    This is already reported and fixed in the next update.
  14. This is already a reported issue and fixed in the next update. You can report and track existing bugs in this forum here: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/forum/41-report-bugs-errors/