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  1. yo can you add me on nintendo 3ds my freind codeis 1607-8259-8450 and my username is lit kev

  2. disculpa no juego hace mucho pero no recuerdo mi cuenta ni el correo con la que la cree ahoar estoy con esta cuenta nueva , podria saber si podria recuperar mi cuenta ? mi id era ysique12


  3. Will any of the new pokemon be released soon ?

  4. "Catching them all" is 6,384 Pokémon. 700 pages is over 10,000 Pokémon. The short answer is, yes, you have too many Pokémon.
  5. Why do you have 700 pages of Pokémon?...
  6. Why would you need “minutes”? To verify by phone, it just sends a 6 digit number in a text message to your phone and you input that number into Discord and you’re done. It’s a one-time thing and is free.
  7. You need to be on or completed the Alolan sidequests. If you reset the progress back to Kanto then you will need to get back to Alola to be able to evolve certain Pokémon to their Alolan evolutions again.
  8. You've already claimed it, that's why. It looks like you got the lowest possible prize, unfortunately which is 1x Beast Ball.
  9. Pokémon don’t evolve automatically, you need to do it yourself by pressing the + option when viewing your team or list of all Pokémon.
  10. Hola amigo. Porque esperan tanto para crear una aplicación propia de pokemon vortex. Acaso pokemon go les pagan para no hacer su competencia. Llevo años esperando una aplicación. Tengo muchos amigos que siguen esperando el lanzamiento de pokemon vortex para móviles. Espero no decepcionarme de ud. Gracis

  11. How to obtain volcanion promo code event?, thanks

  12. Hi, sorry for such a long wait, it seems your question was swept back in a sea of already answered questions. Anyway, you have two accounts registered with that email address, they are: JonTargaryrem westy19
  13. Just click the option to nickname the Pokémon again and instead of submitting a nickname - Press the black "Reset" option.
  14. Sorry, I don't understand what you're asking. You want to change the email address that is associated with a game account?
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