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  1. Patrick

    Bug Auction pokemon

    We need usernames, auction IDs, screenshots... anything or we can't help you.
  2. Patrick

    Report Scammed by Schwulll

    You’re not even allowed to sell/buy accounts, it is against the ToS you agreed to when you created your account.
  3. So a while back I got a Reshiram as a daily login reward. When I used it in battles, it earned EXP abnormally fast and soon it was lvl 100. Is this a glitch or just pure luck?

    1. sas


      daily login pokemon are usually at level 50.

    2. Auke1993


      You likely were playing betweeb August 8th and 13th.


      • August 8th to August 13th - Experience earned from trainer battles will be doubled
  4. Hey Patrick both of my accounts "chris_285" and "chrishicks" have been banned I made a backup account to pokemon in if you could reach back to me I would appreciate it thank you 

    1. omg414


      Once banned is banned! They would not ban you simply! You might have broken the TOS rules which you agreed while creating your account. 


      They will never return the pokemon from banned account.

    2. Lifeofnicks


      Guess I gotta start from scratch again but I ain't tripping tho :-_-: it's just a game even tho I had hella UB, event Pokemons but it is what it is

    3. Lifeofnicks


      But I literally just traded pokemon from my main account to my backup account that's all but like I said I ain't tripping tho it's just a game

  5. Patrick

    Update New Gen Mewtwo (Armor)

    Suggestions are now closed, thank you to all who contributed a name
  6. Patrick its been 1 week and 3 days since you banned me off the pokemon vortex server so can you unban me or could you at least tell me how long the ban is because i really wanna get back on the discord channel and i am sorry for what i did which leaded up to me being banned my discord name is insanity anyways...


    Thanks Patrick

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    2. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      I highly agree with SmartAss. Anyways, is this from Discord server or in-game? If it's in-game that's not gonna happen, if Discord, chances are still low.

    3. Insanity-Gamer


      @Nutella Navigator its from pokemon vortex discord


    4. omg414


      They would not have banned you simply! You might have broken the rules despite of several warnings..

  7. Patrick

    Answered Banned ı am So ssory Realy!!

    This isn't true. They're never unbanned under any circumstance.
  8. Please Patrick its been 48h and im sorry just please can you unban me i wont swear again please  give me 1 more chance

    1. Auke1993


      It's almost certainly not Patrick that banned you from Discord, although the possibility does exist.
      Either way, sending him multiple messages is likely to lower your chances of the unban.
      Seeing as you seem to agree you have broken the rules (for which you were banned), I don't see the ban being undone.

  9. can you please unban me from th discord server im Insanity


  10. Patrick

    Answered masterball failed

    Necrozma can only be caught with Beast Balls or Vortex Balls.
  11. Patrick

    Update New Gen Mewtwo (Armor)

    ...except it’s not actually from Pokémon Go so that would be a weird and irrelevant name
  12. Hey is there any link for how the seasonal points work i have got 15-17k points in this seasonal but im not on the leaderboard 


    so how does it work? 

    1. strayaZilas


      Hi, just wanted to clarify a few things in case it helps:
      the "points" on your profile page aren't related to seasonal points, they're two different things, so if you've gained 15-17k points there, that doesn't mean you have 15-17k seasonal points for this month.

      At least one new pokemon has to be caught, and at least one battle has to be won in the month to appear on seasonal regardless of how much you've done in other areas.

    2. porymon


      you can check your current seasonal rank on disc #bot-commands by doing !card <your IGN>

  13. Report     

    breach in trade by my Shiny Arceus (grass)   ID 25326228

    my ign: jeffersonsantiani

    who breached the deal ign: schwulll

    Ign: dizzydance ; Discord: ๖ۣۜZΞUS ツ


    1. omg414


      Mate you have to tell the staff what exactly happened.

      You need to provide screenshots so the staff can take any action.

      Without proof it won't be considered.

    2. waybig


      @jeffersonsantiani Uh.. u need some proof of this for the admins to take action.

      And what do you mean by a "breach in trade"?

    3. sportsandmusic69


      What do you mean "breached in trade"?

  14. Patrick

    Bug Searching by '0' in pokebay

    Uhh what?... Specifics please.