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  1. o4rel

    1. TheBedPotato


      Confirmation on the new Unown (o4rel) I see :o_o:

  2. It's used to connect a game account to a Discord account on our Discord server
  3. alawi4000@gmail.com: k3n_kaneki alawi40 bl4cksliver@gmail.com: No registered accounts
  4. You're mistaken on how points work, there is no set amount per action, it's a math formula built of many factors based on your specific account like total experience, average experience, battle count, unique Pokemon and total Pokemon.
  5. It should be instantly but if you're having it delivered to a gmail address, there are known issues. If you've ordered one and not received it, you can open a store support request
  6. Evidently you did share your login details with someone at some point, whether on purpose or not, only you could know. Your Pokemon were traded to 2k19elded some time ago. Unfortunately there's nothing we can really do about it, it's only your word against theirs that the Pokémon were stolen and not traded fairly.
  7. Because people have convinced themselves that by not being able to find legendaries, that the rare spawn pool (starters etc) become more common. To answer the original question, no this isn’t likely to ever be a thing added.
  8. It's the wiki that's wrong. The wiki is maintained by players like yourself, if you see an error, feel free to correct it, anyone can contribute to it. While the wiki was set up, maintained and run by Pokémon Vortex, it is rare that it will be updated by anyone of status, it's up to the players to keep it up to date.
  9. Hey Patrick, could you please take a look at this thread and see if there's anything that can be done about it? 

    I'm wondering whether I can can recover my old account that hasn't been used in a while.

  10. Hey, Patrick, I thought there would be some good login reward on this new year. But I was wrong. Is there any chance of bringing any event today????

    1. waybig


      But I was wrong.

  11. This is the email address associated with that account: e****e.w*3@i*****.com If this email address is not accessible any more then the only other way to prove ownership of the account is if you had previously linked it to a Discord account in which case I can help you if you come and speak with me there about it. If the email is not accessible and the account is not linked to a Discord user then unfortunately the account is gone forever as there's no real way to prove ownership.
  12. Patrick

    Answered discord

    No one has been removed from the server in nearly a week so the issue lies with your Discord account and/or your Discord client. We can't help with either but maybe you can find what you need on Discord's self-help: https://pkvrtx.com/DiscordHelp If not, you'll need to contact Discord.
  13. Patrick

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    All information was made available about Unown (0) and (1) in its event calendar post, you obviously just missed it. Nobody struggled to find them and their rates have not changed. I don't know what May has to do with anything, the Unowns have been available with the same spawn rate since February.
  14. “Immunes” are Pokemon that have a resistance to another type so no damage will be dealt. For example, Ghosts are immune to Normals. These Pokemon are easier to train and are typically used during experience boost events making them valuable to some players.
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