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  1. can I get my discord ban lifted I loved talking to people and trading.


    Plz Plz

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    2. Sneezeball


      1. It would help if you provide your discord username
      2. Ask a moderator that banned you
    3. X-806666


      my discord username is airforceproud95 



    4. X-806666


      how can i find out what moderator banned me


  2. Resolved

    Don't worry about it, I think it's a mixture of everything said and in which case, the part that actually is a bug where certain data may not load while the rest does is fixed on v4 wonder trade so this can be closed now.
  3. @porymon is a scammer

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    2. porymon


      I muzt return dem bidoofs i steel

    3. porymon


      Sharing v4 pics with da public? ff

      Or is it bcuz I haven't complained about v4 for bout a week?:ph34r: dd


      Or cuz I miz da salt from sports on discord like every time? disgust




    4. Lunchbox


      It's because only a scammer would talk in the derpspeak you've just wrought upon us.

  4. Discussion

    @dangerous1234 you need to stop double and triple posting everywhere. When you need to reply to a topic but you were the last one who posted in it then edit your last post. Thank you.
  5. Resolved

    @VITOL I was looking in to this just the other day for wonder trade on v4 and I'm unconvinced it's a user releasing a Pokemon because it would show broken data the other way around rather than how it is in your screenshot. When you release a Pokemon, it loses the initial data (name, experience, level, attacks) but ball, gender and OT are kept on record and not deleted when released. SO, if the Pokémon image is broken and says "This Pokémon is a glitch and will be deleted" then yes, it most likely is that the person has released what they received. In the case of the screenshot you provided, it looks more like a failure to retrieve the extra data of OT, ball and gender. In the second case, I have fixed this on v4 although it should be a very rare occurrence on v3 unless you have a slow connection. As far as it goes to why people are releasing Pokemon straight after a wonder trade rather than just wonder trading it again, I think that comes down to the fact there are a lot of people who don't actually know what wonder trade is or how it works, so, when they click wonder trade on a Pokemon, they didn't realise it would be instant and so they click off it thinking it will cancel, they then go to view all their Pokemon to see if they still have what they wonder traded but instead they see something they don't remember catching so they release it.
  6. Game

  7. Game

    Dead heart
  8. Game

    Not 2
  9. Game

  10. Patrick. I'm red_thunder. As you know I have been playing for a while. But for some reason when I try to get on, it says incorrect password. We can talk more in MSG. But please reply to me as fast as possible. As always, muchlax rocks!

    1. Sneezeball


      Last login is today, so you did log into the account, or at least someone did.

    2. Red_Conspiracy


      I got in! Yay!!! I used the forgot my password thing. Thanks!

    3. eurstin
  11. Resolved

    Your accounts were banned.
  12. Don't worry about reporting attack change bugs any more, the system has been completely replaced in v4 so I won't be fixing them in v3 any more.
  13. Thought for the day. 

    Practice like you never won perform like you never lost.



    if u guys like my thought please like it.