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  1. Venom_10 made a deal with me that if i bought his dark deoxys (speed) then he would trade my dark kyurem (black) fir a shiny deoxys (defense). After i bought the dark deoxys speed of him, i asked to do the deal but he says his brother has it and he would do it tomorrow. I waited till tomorrow and asked again, but he said that his brother is not on and i would get the shiny def in a weeks time. I waited a week patiently and asked him again, then he said i would have to wait another day. On the last day i asked and he said his brother is on, so i asked to do the trade and he said his brother would message me. He gave me his brothers ign, i waited a while and he hasnt messaged me. I then messaged his "brother" if he knew who Venom_10 was and he said no. I then messaged Venom again and he hasnt responded. I spent 20 million which i didnt want to spend and was hoping for shiny def https://ibb.co/5r0CkLd https://ibb.co/Ykhhp2M https://ibb.co/QbQP0sN https://ibb.co/HP8xm2K https://ibb.co/LvM6Nff https://ibb.co/QP0rz3D https://ibb.co/RB5f5Pm https://ibb.co/mthZzQ5 https://ibb.co/nw1tH5K
  2. https://ibb.co/QXYwhF2 https://ibb.co/qjJLnVD https://ibb.co/6nrsXwn https://ibb.co/ftd3Zr9 https://ibb.co/cL7XvYy https://ibb.co/6wRDGHR https://ibb.co/Wkd48Lq https://ibb.co/8zt2v8j https://ibb.co/1RXd6H9 https://ibb.co/ZmRN7qQ https://ibb.co/sy8GQdz https://ibb.co/MSG1Fmk https://ibb.co/vq1R56b https://ibb.co/NFDL2hW These are links to screenshots of proof
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