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  1. Yo. why u come here. how you find me. EXPLAIN!


  2. I suggest 1. You could bring back the event pokemon from different years and place them in 1 massive day event. To complete the event you have to beat a few quests example trainer battles, find a certain type of pokemon etc to get 1 event pokemon. this could be various days like on 1 of the days its a star wars massive event. the other would be something else lets say halloween in october and so on. it would create an increase in the number of players...probably ? people like me who just started and missed all those event. it doesnt have to be a yearly kind of thing. maybe this event could occur once every 5 years so it would keep the price of the pokemon the same. idk its your choice Patrick. im just a random dood who likes star wars and likes pokemon but cant have both in this server cuz i missed it all ://
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