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  1. Lots of new Pokémon lots of eevee and riolu
  2. Have a look at the shiny I’m looking for in bio
  3. 3x shiny gyradose and other cool evos
  4. i offered 3 Pokémon for ur eevee 1 of them is the munchlax can u accept 3 Pokémon for 1 does it work like that or not?
  5. Yes offer me the gastley for it NEK0
  6. Yes I’m happy to give away normal rates cause they are useless
  7. Shiny ralts, abra, gastley, eevee or riolu
  8. Yer the normal types I’ll give away unless it’s legendary but the dark munchlax
  9. I’m looking for a shiny abra, gastley, and riolu
  10. U can have them for free I have no need of them
  11. I Will be catching and trading all legendary’s and rares I encounter. (IGN - NEK0)(with a 0) the Pokémon I’m looking for are shiny eevee, dratini, starters, bagon and any shiny legendarys. will be doing one route at a time catching all shinys and rares until I get a legendary then moving on. Message me in game if there is something on the list u want leveled and I can level it to 100 or evolve it for a bit better trade. add my IGN - NEK0 and message me if you want to trade. normal - Dark - mystic - shadow - metallic - shiny - add me - NEK0 and message me in game if you want to trade I will not reply on this much as there is a limit per day how many post.
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