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  1. I'd rather not annoy Cap tbh Think he said he wants to not play for a year or something? Rather he takes the break he wants than have to log in and give stuff.
  2. I think you missed your chance to redeem your prize sorry. I believe the 24 hour redeem was up 2 days ago.
  3. Already done dude sorry. Ended 2-3 days ago.
  4. Nice! Hopefully if he does it means you'll have two! (Or more)
  5. Willing he still has it. Send a trade offer to Capitalization and if he comes onto the game he might accept. Be warned though, you technically missed the window, it was 2ish days ago.
  6. Pretty sure you missed your chance dude sorry. 24 hour rule was gone like 2 days ago.
  7. If you want any of the stuff back at any point btw, feel free to add me and ask for it and I'll give back. Thanks again though!
  8. I guess I missed something really valuable since I was late. Ohwell though. Rather someone experienced has it over someone new tbh. Tbh I'm happier with the 2 Darkrais I got. Probably makes me stupid but eh.
  9. Thanks for the giveaway though. Sorry I missed what I won but hopefully whoever got it enjoys it.
  10. Nvm found it. I was being an idiot and missing an icon.
  11. To be honest. I'm not entirely sure how to check trades and do offers. Only thing I've figured out so far is the auction house and to send messages.
  12. I think I probably missed what I won Since I didn't know what to do and passed out shortly after the Dades posted. Curse of being a new player I suppose.
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