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  1. Is there a block button on forums?

  2. Chill peeps I agree the rates are pretty high so just look for yourself if you feel that way
  3. Hellooo everyone feel free to join me and @red_wolf_ new clan "Free" no requirement to join

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    2. HyperPanther
    3. Eeveecuteness_Rise


      ok i will join then


      200 battles for shiny legendary ok.....(too much for me)

    4. Eeveecuteness_Rise
  4. Hey everyone I thought I should write a post about this for the good of the group. Now the topic of this post: Including screenshots with your reports, I'm sure you've all seen a report from someone and its only a sentence or two long with no sense of grammar and no screenshots. Your only two ways of actually having a chance of getting Patrick or Flamescapes attention about a scammer issue your dealing with is with Discord or Pokémon Forums. Now I know some people out there have so clue on how to post a screenshot and to be honest I don't blame you the systems a bit different but nothing too impossible. A website that ive used in the past is called https://paste.pics/. This is me taking a screenshot of the home page, you can see I circled an area on the page that has "Browse..." and "Choose File" you can click on the orange "Browse" button and it'll bring you to your files. From there you can access your screenshot and click open it will then show you a preview of your screenshot. Make sure to double click your screenshot preview and click "Copy" If you didnt understand these steps at the top of the page under "Edit screenshot" and "Delete screenshot" theres a row that shows the "URL of this page" you have the choice to just copy that if you'd like. From there you can either copy and paste that into your forum post or click "Insert Image from URL" Its at the bottom right of your forums page. This is about it but I hope see more people including screenshots with their reports. Thanks
  5. Started watching Sun & Moon for the 46th time today XD

    1. red_wolf_


      And of course your addict to it i dont blame you sun and moon was good

    2. Hardieboi


      I have no complains, I enjoyed the anime myself, but still waiting for new journeys episodes, when will the next one release??And where can I check it

  6. Unfollow Laven 

    1. dades


      Why? He only did it to get updates for what laven says. 

    2. HyperPanther
  7. Player named Laven sent me this Its clearly obvious Laven is not part of this so called "Vortex team" Its a scam. Asking for my password etc if possible ban/restrict them so others don't have to experience it. If your curious about my asking if he's part of the "Vortex team" it was in order to stall. @Patrick, @flamescape Also if theres doubt to if I am Catan
  8. Hey! Feel free to check out my auctions on my account "Catan" good stuff going for cheap prices!

  9. No need man lol I appreciate the thought though
  10. Hey hey everyone I'm in a great mood, to any nba fans out there the Milwaukee bucks are the new 2021 champions kinda getting emotional about it (I'm a big fan). But I am giving away the following Pokémon (1x) (1x) (1x) (3x) (1x) (1x) (2x) (1x) (6x) (1x) Those are the prizes winners are random although with the number of prizes its possible everyone could win but best of luck lol (Ending August 1st) Take care
  11. 400 rep :)

    1. Captaincam1


      Thanks for the support red❤️

  12. Any Milwaukee bucks fans out there?

    1. mynamedurkslurp


      yesssssssssss sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😁

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