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  1. I have several Suicunes take one for free. My ign is CalamLty
  2. u draw ure profile pic if u did u are succh a taltented drawer

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    2. Captaincam1


      Haha im up for the challenge, Although it may take time because Ive got school but ill let you know when I finish it.

    3. iweimax0524
    4. iweimax0524
  3. tenor.gif?itemid=18277560Heyyy

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    2. xVx-Oreo


      yall r dating

    3. xVx-Oreo


      u had covid no one new tho but like i cant get sick so like

    4. xVx-Oreo
  4. I think im going to do something like this too Please join on December 23rd
  5. Oh yeah my ign is CalamLty sorry I forgot
  6. I would like anything Maybe the Thundorous or Magerna? Thanks very much and a happy holidays to you as well
  7. Playing Pokemon SHowdown for 30 minutes tell me if you want to battle me? Captaincam1 is my name

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    2. Captaincam1


      Alright invite sent nfl

    3. sanathandsaathvik


      i want to battle

    4. Captaincam1


      Alright ill be doing this on Monday again at 9 AM US time period so let me know :)

  8. Bro bro 

    there is an event in pokecord(;p) for shiny  cosmog come let’s play event . Umm and event ticket is 50k so how much money u have

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    2. iweimax0524


      money for pokecord

    3. Captaincam1


      I cant do Pokecord stephen colbert adult humor GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    4. Babby246


      Lol I missed shiny groundon today in pokecord I am gonna cry 

  9. Friend request me on Discord :) (Name constantly changing)

  10. ? did u come back?

    1. Captaincam1


      No I just figured I could post on forums once and a while

    2. iweimax0524


      ok that is better than nuting

  11. Honestly Kalipo the best nicknames come from the person that owns the pokemon take my advice haha
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