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  1. Do to the TROLL; You will now have to message me for the Document.
  2. Here is a Map of Pokémon Vortex to help you Navigate the world.
  3. ~Are you looking for a Check List? Maybe one with all the Catchable Pokémon. Look no further. ~First off, I do have to run threw a few things before hand. I will be going through some steps so, please follow them carefully. ~A bit about the Document: -At the top is a Key for areas that had more to type so, I Paraphrased it. -All areas are included from the start area in New Haven to the last area in Route 25 where Pokémon Spawn and can be caught. Note: Not every area will have Pokémon that you can catch. -Each Pokémon has all the variants to be able to check off such as Normal, Mystic, Shiny, Metallic, Dark, and Shadow. -Mac Users - If you need to look for a Pokémon to check off throughout the whole document; Press Command + Shift + H. This will bring up a window that you can search the whole document for that Pokémon in other areas. Just type in the name and hit enter. It will show you 1 of 1 or how ever many are in the Document. Just hit next if there is more than one to move down the Document to find the others of the same name. -Window Users - Almost the same Concept for the Mac Users, but your search will be CTRL + H. This will open the same thing as for Mac users. After you hit the proper commands to open the Search; Just follow the same steps for the Mac Users above. ~The Document is through Google Docs. When Opening the link; Follow these instructions to be able to save the file as your own so it does not save on the original so that others may be able to save a blank and un-checked copy for themselves. Thank you. Instructions: 1) Open The Link - Message Me For Link 2) File - Make A Copy - Name the New Copy (Not the one you opened from the link) Name it whatever you want. 3) Close the original copy. ~Hope This Helps~
  4. Ah, okay now I get it. His first pokemon was an injured Eevee he found when he was a child. I do apologize for only understanding the simple side of the first Hint. 😅
  5. This question can be misconstrued in many ways. My first Pokemon as a starter when I first came to the game was Chikorita My first Pokemon the I caught was in the beginning starting area of New Haven and it was Yamper I do hope these are the answers you were looking for. 😊
  6. Are you looking for Vivillon (Archipelago)'s? Need help with acquiring them? Look no further. Just let me know what type (Normal, Mystic, Metallic, Dark, Shiny, Shadow) and I will do my best to deliver as long as it is in trade for the other Vivillon Types. 


    So far I have a full set of Vivillon (Archipelago) in all type. Just let me know. :3Vivillon (Archipelago)

  7. His Youtube name was Technoblade, but his real name is Alex. He passed on June 30th of this year (2022). I don't want a prize, but I want to say that I know how his dad feels. I lost a family member to the same ailment as Technoblades father and it is heart breaking to watch someone go threw such a battle to only to feel so helpless. Rest In Peace, Technoblade. Will miss you and your content. You helped so many in their time of need. Rest well and create where ever you are.
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