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  1. I am SrujanKale, see I didn't scam him , my friend ign o-het told me that ahgang has scammed him previously and sneakily taken his shadow necrozma that had 500k exp , I said that I will return ahgang his 10m pds when I will have them , rn at Time of posting this message ( 35 mins after ahgang has posted this report). I will return your money once I have it . I previously have dealt with many pros . They all believe me . Moderator I can share you the pics of our conversation. Kindly note that this is a misunderstanding. I Right now have 6m pds . I will return you all the money once and moderators you think for a moment that is 1 metallic barbaracle grievous+ 1 metallic Arceus flying+ 1 Mystic Arceus flying+ a 700k exp Pokemon Enough for a shadow necrozma exp 500k
  2. hey ozare spring I'm a member of dragons . this shortstacking method ain't working properly on my pc can you help me .
  3. A player named privateacount scammed me We were doing a deal he was gonna pay me 7 USD for 44 million pds . I sent him the money and then he blocked me . Please take action against him I want my money back . I can share you screenshot of our chats and pokebay action on which I sent him the money . I want justice.
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