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(Yes someone might remember me for having posted/asked something similar x3. Yes i do like art and all. Yes i create fakemons... . Yes iam annoying xDShiny Eevee)


so.. since i have noticed a few fakemons like darkcrown or the semi fakemon mewtwo armor or the dratini elements.


I thought, Since i REALLY think art can and is fun once you get over the "i cant draw <whatever you are trying to draw but in your opinion just cant draw>" and if one wants to go that way later in life and maybe even be like "yeah.. i got into art because of an pokemon game that held an art contest xD" whilst remembering this game.


I thought... Maybe the game could held like.. idk...  a maybe 1-2month long contest for artists. This way everyone can join. Even newer people. plus we might attract more artists with more ideas.

so.. i thought it couls work like this.


2-3 day-Notifications that in 2-3 days people will be able to post art on a certain site or send something in to a certain email or something like that.

1-2 month-Time to create and draw a fakemon. followed up by

1-2week long-voting by people on the artworks. since i dont see many people usually on. the vote system could allow to vote for as many people as liked. but only once per artwork. This way we could reduce the likely pf people ending up sad because they didnt get an votes. 

(unless they drew something... not okie dokie.. _-.-.)

on the last day- the winning pokemon could be added as an event with the winner getting an exclusive code with said fakemon while other player have to wait for its official release as event code or something.

idk if its even something the game doesnt want. but one could also restrict said fakemon to be displayed on pokebay or trade. in a sense of locked till released.


If that art contest might get lots of positive replies then pokemon vortex could also host more frequend ones where the theme could be for example related to current holidays. 

like delibirds for xmas or so x3. togepi and such for easter. u catch my drift. in those players could be awarded a fair amount of money or items like the balls, stones(mega(rare) and evolution), potions etc.

just an idea. might post more since im feeling creative. _.

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That ties along with my idea a little. I suggested a Creative Content section in the forums where players can get creative. I have a thing on my profile bio here people submit their Fakemon. It's called the OCDex! Please come check it out and message me with all your Fakemon's info and picture if you want.

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