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Pokebay wont work proberly/ lag for a very long time

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Hey there.


so.. idk about ya'll but i experience a noticably lag the more pokemon i get.


pokebay will start needing to load longer and the duration Button aswell as the price fied will need about 3-4 minutes sometimes whilst in the past it had been faster.


while i could just move certain pokemon to another account or in the trade and just decline offers on those i dont actually wanna trade.

I'd really not want to loose my rank. (i have put up  lot of those mons i dont neccessarily need in my "pc" and went from rank 45th to 55th in germany.) while that might not be a big deal for some. for others it will. so.


 to avoid this overall.

maybe design the action pokemon layout similar to the change pokemin layout. so people can actually avoid the long loading and straight get to the mon they wanna sell while not having to loose maybe 10 ranks in local xD.


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