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Well the galar lengendary are not here yet so I wanna talk about them

first of all will they be Event 

urshifu likely will be a event 

zarude will not 

zarude dada will

calyrex will not 

glastrier And spectrier will not 

calyrex ice rider and shadow rider will be 

first all the legendary that have other forums will likely or always will be event like

zarude dada 

Ice rider and shadow rider calyrex

and ushifu Single and rapid strike are two different evolutions and I think it will make it very fun where you have to train in a tower to get one off them and another tower for the other just like in sword and shield 

first where will all the none event pokemon how will you get them

for zarude you get him in night time grass in the wild overgrowth 

pans then put diagla who was originally there to night time water in the wild overgrowth 

don’t worry azelf already has the day time grass encounter in the wild overgrowth 

For glastrier it will be day time route 14 

then we’ll put kyurem in route 16 night and because he’s still close to the cold and plus kyerum pretty evil so he’ll be in a place near dark types. since darkrown can be found at the Nightshade Crypt he doesn’t have to be moved 

now spectrier will be in nightshade both day and night because nightshade has ghost and plus it’s a town so it can have horses 

Finally now calyrex will be put in route 10 night time and then we put entei route 6 day time and dratinire will be at route 6 night time

zarude dada will be replaced with zarude for few days in that event 

dna spliters for calyrex ice and shadow rider at this event will last for a couple of days

kubfu evolves to ushifu depending on what tower you train at this event will be for a couple of days

so sorry for a how long this is 

hope this will help to the vortex mod team when they will add these Pokémon to the game 

hope there no grammar mistakes 

Ninjeguy090 out

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Grammar mistake
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