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Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan  

803MS.pngNumber 1:   In My Opinion It Would Be Nice To See How Many Encounters You Have Seen. By This I Mean The Popup For A Encounter, Not Battling The Encounter.

                            The Concept Is Basically A Pokémon Hunt Tracker, Eg. You Have 5432 Encounters Before You Hunt For Meltan And After You Find Meltan You Have 5891.

                            Basically Like Pkmn Swords Encounter Chain.


804MS.png Number 2: Ultra Beast's In Ultra/Vortex Balls Is A Pain. An Idea Here Is If You Have Solgaleo And Lunala + Beaten All Gyms And Leagues, You Can Have Access To                               A Zone Called The Ultra Space Which Has The Same Chance As A Ultra Beast Encounter To Find Beast Balls. This Suggestion Comes Across As A Stupid                               One As Beast Balls Are To Make You Money From Mystery Boxes And To Be Extra Rare. So This Was A Waste Of SPACE.


807MS.png Number 3: Npc's And/Or Quests On The Live Map. This One's Self Explanatory, So I Won't Go Into Detail. But Basically Trainers That Battle You/Npc's Which Give You Quests




These Were My Suggestions Not Very Good, But Suggestions


Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan Meltan  

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Like the 1 and 3 suggestions but the 2 one I don’t understand if you have the same chance to get a ultra beast why go get a lunala and solegelao and do the leagues while you can just go to the route it could be and search there why do the extra work for the same chance maybe I don’t understand it but the other two suggestions are good.




With a target to kill , you must aim to the goal not the target- Ninjeguy090 Greninja

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