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Both Idea(s) that could improve interactivity of the game

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I have been playing Vortex on and off for years, only returning this year to play it properly. One thing that has bothered me, is the lack of a mini-map or an openable map in-game. 


I get that there are sign-posts that can be read and guide you to locations, but I get lost when looking for a specific route. Having a map that includes certain locations could improve this. An add-on to this would be the ability to unlock more detailed maps based on how many Pokémon you have caught from that route. It would make it easier to track and could possibly include a way to see which Pokémon come from which route and track how complete your collection of Pokémon from that route is. Keeping track of all the variants becomes incredibly difficult after a while.


The current Pokédex is confusing and difficult to navigate. You can't see which route a Pokémon of your own is from, making it hard to track which region it comes from. It becomes quite tedious having to search for a Pokémon directly instead of simply clicking on it in the region Dex and seeing all the info there is to know about that specific Pokémon. The Pokédex is divided into two strange versions that don't intertwine very well and makes it unattractive and hard to use. Other than that, I really enjoy the game so far and how involved and kind the community is.


Well done to the developers and my fellow fanatics.


Take care


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