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In Pokemon, Rotom's concept is based on possessing the home appliances to gain a new form.

Currently in PV, we have 8 forms of rotom (Including the yet to be released rotom (phone))

Currently those forms of rotom are of 2 types, for example Rotom (Wash) is water and electric whereas Rotom (Frost) is ice and electric.
So why not introduce rotom hackamons with other types such as psychic, bug or ground?

Here are few examples of them.

You can keep a certain day in the year where you release these forms of rotoms, just like halloween or christmas!










Thanks for reading!

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On 7/7/2022 at 12:30 PM, pokemonbattlegodash said:

yea i also thought of some showed in the anime

like the rotom phone (steel type)

and the rotom drone (flying type)

Already is a rotom phone but the other ideas are pretty good

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