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QoL suggestions: combat & misc.

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  1. When choosing a Pkmn for battle, one click should choose that Pkmn (no need to scroll down).
  2. Or have the "Continue..." right below the Pkmn.
  3. The battle report should not have a separate page.
    1. After clicking attack, go back to move selection.
    2. After using a Pokeball, go back to move selection.
  4. In wild battles, remember the last attack used (and not revert to the first attack in the list).
  5. After defeating an enemy Pkmn, add an option to use the same Pkmn in the next battle.
  6. Fix the position of "Attack." Maybe have the combat report below the attack button.
  7. At the end of an AI-controlled user battle, add an option to battle a different user.
  8. Show a pokeball beside a pkmn during a battle. Colored if caught before, greyscale if not.
    1. Or add the pokeball-with-a-green-plus icon at the beginning of a wild combat.

Overall for combat, reduce the number of actions to battle.


Other suggestions:

  1. In "Manage Your Pokémon Team" and Manage/Change Team, show pkmn attacks and their attack type.
  2. Show attacks before evolving.
  3. Display attack power when rearranging or changing attacks.
  4. Show whether you've caught have the pkmn you're evolving to before actually evolving.



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