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random things for trade

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Just now, mmmmj said:

are you trading the fourfu dandy? because i would love to have it since im trying to corrlect all of them

only for a mystic cosmog or other special rare poke cuz it has 540k exp as well


6 minutes ago, mmmmj said:

deal put it up and i will offer

its up do offer


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4 minutes ago, kokikiko said:

i dont any specific in my mind other than mystic cosmog cuz then i can make it mystic necrozma dusk mane



i can give sylveon, shiny talonflame, shiny slowbro, shiny entei and landous therian any of those good enogh?

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Just now, kokikiko said:

i saw  ur acc u have only 3 things tht i want thts it hoopa unb and the 2 furfrou or zamazenta (crowned)

 you can have the zamazenta crowend for it i don't mind, but not the others

is that a deal?

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