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After 1 week of playing

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Hooi, just about spent a week playing now and there's a couple things where i consistently feel friction in a way that's probably unintended.
having a great time so far, plenty things to find out still.

trying to keep it concise, i played this in its infancy and recently found out about its existence again, noticed some things haven't changed after the reset so i'd understand if there's a fair amount of legacy code that's difficult to work through, would like to know if some of these are thought out decisions instead though.


(i am certain a lot of these if not all have already been discussed but hope this post helps in the message that these are points of contention, for me atleast)

(forgive me if i forget i made this thread after a week)


The pokedex on the left side of the screen and the pokedex when clicking a wild pokemon are not accessible through eachother.

If i want to see what different evolutions there are its less difficult to open a new tab and manually searching for it on the wiki instead. which i guess is good for wiki traffic just not for QoL
Switching between the two with a button or it being more streamlined in general would help greatly.
Even just showing the other entry underneath as an option or clicking on the pokemon for details


to add to that, wiki could be built in: pokedex, members, options, wiki


Leaving a battle after winning without clicking continue voids the next wild pokemon youre trying to catch with a victory msg


The search function and filters for "view all your pokemon" overwrite eachother. clicking normal/dark/.../ resets it


Would like the same filters present in the change team menu, having the option for all level 6 of a specific mon in a row instead of default alphabetic


In battle remembering the last used item or move after fail


Navigation with buttons, in the live map pressing space enters the battle, would be nice to be able to continue using space for the continue/attack button and eventually  back to the live map, currently the sitewide navigation takes priority (going from the discord button to the privacy policy etc)
i know this makes automation easier but i think at this point accessibility is a bit more of a priority than bot detection methods


Auctions extending by a minute if theres's a significant change in top bid, people waiting till the last second for their bid is both difficult to compete with (accessibility) and not in the favour of sellers getting the most out of an item, 5% incremental bids dont need this extension, for people that like that excitement waiting for the countdown


-no more issues, just feature requests, ideas or questions now-


Is there an API?

I can imagine it'd be nice if people want to make their own plugins to help them interact with the game differently, other than a public discord bot on cooldown


Are accounts seeded or is each instance or even each encounter different


Are encounters generated one by one, or generated as a group and served to you one by one (latter being nicer)


+History of past 3 encounters (helps with the voiding issue and mons not loading in general)


+Busy patches of grass (rare) that serve you multiple encounters at once


+pokedex completion per maptile/route. (could also just be a filter for the main dex)


+Updated FAQ, last edited 2021


+User cards by clicking on their name on the map (click+drag would take priority for moving)


+Finding items by interacting with the map


Does the game have repels or items that change the behavior of encounters?

Is there an overview of the world map?

Overall it's been great, thanks for the upkeep all these years

its nice to see this place exist still. I know there's a lot of potential, but if there's things that are straight up unlikely to ever happen it'd be nice to know, aswell as why, budget, time, tech or lack of consensus etc.

Take care


--- Anything after this point will be edited in if i forgot to add something ---

Just learnt refreshing after what i thought voided the newest mon luckily puts you in the battle

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