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Kool's Leggy Trade Thread

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Trading Dark Darkrown , Dark Groudon , Dark Ho-oh ,Dark Mew , Dark Regirock , Dark Registeel , Dark Shaymin (Sky) , Dark Terrakion , Dark Virizion Metallic Celebi , Metallic Cobalion , Metallic Deoxys , Metallic Entei , Metallic Genesect , Metallic Ho-oh , Metallic Landorus , Metallic Lugia , Metallic Regirock , Metallic Registeel , Metallic Yveltal , Metallic Zekrom Mystic Azelf , Mystic Celebi , Mystic Jirachi , Mystic Kyurem , Mystic Regigigas , Mystic Regirock , Mystic Tornadus Shadow Genesect , Shadow Giratina , Shadow Mewtwo , Shadow Rayquaza (Mega) and Shadow Zapdos For Unique Leggies I Don't Have 

Need unique leggies from this list : https://paste.ee/p/gUoY5


Your 1 non-rare unique leggy I am missing = 1 non-rare unique + 1 normal leggy from my trades 

Your 1 rare unique leggy I am missing = 1 rare + 1 normal leggy from my trades 

I can also offer unique non-leggies for my missing unique leggies 

ign SuperKool

will put the leggies uft as soon as we agree on a deal

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