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  1. Unanswered Username status

    No , it is not possible to change usernames you will have to make a new account I guess
  2. Universal Hunting Pokemon Jobs!

    can you get me a unique groudon primal (except shiny) ? can pay 20 unique leggies for it
  3. Thank you so much !! Joining again IGN : SuperKool
  4. IGN : SuperKool thanks for giveaway
  5. Ign : SuperKool Movie : Downsizing Thanks
  6. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    Hey, what do you want for that ? I can offer unique leggies...
  7. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading for a unique Groudon or Kyogre Primal.
  8. 3.85 million $ for
  9. IGN : SuperKool Clan : PokeGang Thank you so much
  10. Universal Optic Trading

    My for and ?
  11. Answered Promo codes

    No , a "Rotom Wash" promocode cannont contain a unique one For a unique one the type would be specified before the name example - "Dark Rotom Wash"
  12. Giveaway Rotom (Spin) giveaway.

    IGN : SuperKool Ty Clashy !
  13. Experience The Greatest EXP Shop Ever by carrliam761

    3,500,000 exp for and ?
  14. IGN - SuperKool Thank you so much and Merry Christmas !!