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  1. Yep, you're the only one with those weird dreams TBH I can't imagine Kangaskhan Mega fused with Basculin It'll help if you provide images lol
  2. KYNO


    I wish to have your in my box IGN Superkool Thanks!!
  3. People call this addiction, I call this love....

    I know I shouldn't have been here, I know I got my exams.....

    Now, only your prayers can save me guys...


    1. porymon


      No thanks.

    2. waybig


      what i didnt get it

  4. IGN SuperKool I just love love interacting, playing and competing with users from all around the world!! Thanks for the giveaway and grats on those 3 amazing years! Good going Champ
  5. The code you quoted 'is' a valid one Fabyo claimed it, so maybe that's why it's showing not valid
  6. Similar to this topic I would like if a View Auctions tab is added next to the View Trades tab on the ribbon that comes up when we view someone's profile This is the ribbon I'm taking about - https://m.imgur.com/gallery/tcXoIMd
  7. Nice idea @chris Well "Order by the lowest price" just merges the auctions ending on all dates, i. e., like if one 25k poke is ending on 1st March, another 25k poke it's ending on 3rd March and another one is ending on 5th, it will just show them all together. This discourages me from bidding as I'll rather keep my money than bidding on something that ends 5 days later lol
  8. Well you were probably using some automated bots to train exp or catch pokemons, that's why you got banned Refrain from such activities if you play the game in future
  9. Ay thanks man I'll leave one of them for some other guy
  10. Hey fodn sir IGN SuperKool Well, you should let me win coz simply I'm the coolest one here And yeah, grats on those 2 amazing years Thanks for da giveaway
  11. Just realized this topic still exists So, my IGN is SuperKool Don't know the exact number but I've won like 25 cosmogs (including one from here) And yeah, thanks for this superkool giveaway
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