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two major scammers who need to be stopped

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to whom it may concern


i have been playing the game for roughly a week and made some good friends along the way and enjoyed the game however it has come to my attention two members have been scamming and causing problems they are Candles and YousufAhmed. in the next few days there will be more reports of these two, they scam by promising to trade pokemon whislt having the victim bid on something silly for a high price and then doesnt uphold their part of the deal taking several $100,000 for something as simple as a pokeball. over the next two days i will aim to get the victims to post there complaints in this thread. i hope you take this seriously and ban their accounts one victim is only 14 years old. YousufAhmed on my very first day of playing toyed with me saying he would make a trade and then not doing it laughing in my face and mocking me to which in much respect other players stepped forward and helped me.


kind regards WPGuardian

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