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It has come to my attention that this pokemon scammer thing is not working. There are about 3 scammers I have seen that have been scamming for months and none of the mods/admins have taken any notice of this. Even if their names have been posted online with all the information that is needed you mods still don't see the need to help others. This is a real problem and it needs to be solves. Candles, YousufAhmed and anandalex123_- have been scamming countless others for a long time now and nobody has stopped them. I have posted a topic for about almost 3 days now. 70 people have seen it but nobody helps stop it and now all my months worth of work on getting all those pokemon have gone to a waste because this hasn't been taken seriously by such people. I think if we can dispose of at least the scammers we can detect, we can make this game a safer and more fun game to play. And I think everyone can agree.


Yours Sincerely, Nullioid








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